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October 17, 2017

After many years of observing people planning on retiring as well as people who are already enjoying retirement.  Many people are enjoying their retirement funds now, but the problem is they are still working.  If you are a golfer, do you want to spend the funds you will need to supplement your IRA, 401K, and/or Social Security Benefits?  Instead of playing golf as much as you can now and using some of the funds will need for retirement, reduce your golf time now and be able to look forward to being able to afford playing during your retirement years.  Your will enjoy retirement more if you are able to afford the cost of playing golf.

Maybe your are not a golfer.  There are other hobbies or pursuits that need the same considerations.  Your may enjoy fishing, traveling, sports events, or other pursuits, but the same principle applies.  DON’T DO IT ALL NOW AND NOT BE ABLE TO DO  ANY OF IT DURING RETIREMENT.

Many people today fall into the “spending” class rather than the “saving” class.  We all like to have what we want NOW and not worry about all the tomorrows to come.  My hobby is woodworking, creating bowls and furniture that will give pleasure to family and friends.  I would not be happy if I were told it would not be possible for me to continue this endeavor…I couldn’t afford it.

Often, many are enjoying the things that bring pleasure now with funds that could be invested in before tax IRAs and 401-Ks as well as investments funded with after tax dollars.  You may not enjoy your hobbies as much today, but it will bring you much pleasure during retirement.

An illustration of what I am writing about is Scripture about the “prodigal son.”  He wanted his inheritance (retirement) now.  His father gave it to him and he spent the entire amount enjoying himself.  When he had spent his inheritance, he ended up living and eating with the swine…not a good way to spend retirement.  He ended up returning home to his father for his support, much like depending on the  government for total support.  More than likely, he didn’t get to enjoy the pursuits he wasted his inheritance…he was “retired” with no funds available for his enjoyment.

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October 10, 2017

Retirement doesn’t just happen.  Remaining retired doesn’t just happen.  Not only does it require planning…it requires structure.

What is your big picture?  What are you planning to do?  First you must determine where you are before you can develop a strategy to arrive at your goals.  It is necessary to prioritize on the most important goals.

You must determine to give time for including organization in your planning.  Without giving time to your plans, you are already behind.

Ask yourself the right questions about the current market, reporting, revenue, reporting, and evaluation before your set specific goals.  These goals need to be written and be realistic, measurable, and conditional.

What are the possible obstacles you will face as start your retirement plan and those you will encounter as the plan guides you to your ultimate goals?

Schedule and budget everything you can and get everything on the calendar and set deadlines.  Determine both the costs and due dates for the due dates included in your plan.

No “cookie cutter” retirement plan is the ultimate answer.  Your plan must be designed for you and your goals.  Your must monitor and correct your plan continuously until you reach that goal of retirement…and the success in remaining retired.  Progress in your plan is like a canoe trip;


constantly adjust your course to take care of the possible obstacles you meet on the  trip.

Continuously study the results.  Evaluation prevents stagnation and exaggeration.

Remember:  Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes planning to chart the course.

Using Moses as an example, it is apparent that proper planning and structure brings success as he led Israel to the Promised Land.  Israel didn’t just arrive at their goal.  It was a result of following the plan that was initiated, monitored, adjusted for the unexpected, and evaluating the results.

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After Moses brought Israel out of Egypt, he very methodically arranged the tribal camps in the wilderness.  He set the tabernacle in the center and arranged the priests around its four sides.  Then he symmetrically distributed the Twelve Tribes around the  priests and Levites, with three tribes on each of the four sides.

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