My approach to retirement planning is very similar to “putting it all together” in planning a woodworking project.  First, it’s essential to have a vision…what is the goal and how do you obtain it.

Once you  have the vision, it’s time to get excited about planning for the end results.  With retirement planning, what are the current resources and what will be needed to reach retirement and remain retired.  Many people, without proper planning, reach the age of retirement and discover their retirement planning should have included a lot more “putting if all together.”  

“Putting it all together” is not a one-time thing.  From the beginning of your planning, it’s necessary to always be “putting it all together.”  This is where retirement planning and planning a woodworking project differ.  During the accumulation period of prior to retirement, it is necessary to periodically “tweak” your plan to meet your goal due to unforeseen events not considered at the onset of your plan.


The furniture project I am working on currently required a little “tweaking.”


When sanding and sizing the pieces for the drawers, I discovered that I had not followed the rule for measuring and sawing.  Out of the  32 pieces for the eight drawers, one of the drawer fronts was cut 1″ to short.  I am reminded of measure twice and cut once rule (even better is measure 3 or 4 times and cut once).  This came during the “putting it all together” phase of my project.  When working on a project without a detailed plan, it is necessary to draw my own plans.  I have found that on most projects it is better to NOT cut all the parts in the beginning.  This is an opportunity for disaster.  If, in drawing the plan, one measurement is wrong brings on a lot of heartache.

The error in my measuring and sawing mentioned above, is the reason I never use a “cookie cutter” retirement plan….once plan fits all.  When there are no provisions for a change in goals and circumstances, with the flexibility to allow “tweaking,” makes the plan subject to disaster and a short-fall when the age of retirement comes.  It may be necessary to delay retirement and/or find a source of supplemental income.

My goal for clients is to assist them in reaching their retirement goals and being able to remain retired.

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