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March 7, 2017

Two of the things I enjoy a great deal are developing retirement plans for clients and woodworking projects for some very special people.  Don’t misunderstand me…my clients are all very special people too.  I’ve been developing retirement plans and woodworking for many years now and am always excited when doing both.

The approach is the same for both endeavors.  In developing retirement plans, there are no “cookie cutter” plans.  No one plan fits each client and must be developed with the flexibility to make adjustments during the accumulation phase of the plan.  Without a well-planned accumulation phase, the retirement goals in most cases will never be reached.  With flexibility and continuous review, it may be necessary to “tweak” the plan as retirement funds are accumulated to the time of retirement.  A successful retirement plan eliminates the “shock” of arriving at your selected retirement age and realizing your retirement date must be postponed or you won’t be able to “stay” retirement and need to get a job to supplement your retirement funds.  Social Security retirement benefits, while included in your planning, will in most cases be insufficient to fund the retirement you’ve dreamed about for many years.

One very important thing in being successful on a woodworking project is measure twice and cut once.  I am conservative in both retirement planning and woodworking.  I allow the flexibility to “tweak” and retirement plan and I often measure three or four times before making a cut in woodworking.  After making the cut, it’s very difficult to attempt to “tweak” for a board that was cut too short.  The result often leads to a waste in very expensive lumber and a pile of scraps that may be used in another project…or unfit for future use.


I have started a new project for my wife and I want it to be perfect when completed.  I will be showing the progress in future blogs if you want to follow to find out what the project is.  Let’s hope my scrap pile doesn’t grow or there will be no necessity for “tweaking” as I continue to measure, measure, and measure and make each cut successfully.

If you are interested in developing a successful retirement plan or “tweaking” the plan  that you already have…or maybe even making adjustments after you have retired to make certain you may remain retired…visit my website and complete the “contact” information and receive a prompt reply:


I have also discovered the hard way that following God’s plan for me requires a great deal of “tweaking” to the  plans that I have for my life.  It’s a great feeling when I make adjustments in my plans to agree with the plans God has for me.