Developing a retirement plan that will accomplish the goals of the retiree requires leadership.  Leadership must seek wisdom and understanding.  The leadership I speak of is the leadership of the retirement team.

Who are the members of this “retirement team?”  The leader of the team is the person who is planning for their retirement.  The leader’s responsibility is to put together the rest of the team.  The professionals needed are:  Legal, Accounting, and Financial Advisor.

After selecting the legal and accounting professionals, the financial advisor you should select should have the following qualities:

  1. Think bigThe plan must provide for funding, retirement, and remaining retired.
  2. Think other people:  Bring the family and other professionals into the planning.
  3. Think continually:  Don’t discontinue planning and be satisfied with today’s answers.
  4. Think bottom line:  Always be flexible to achieve and see the results of the planning.
  5. Think continual growth:  Always adjust to the current conditions and make improvements to the plan.
  6. Think without lines:  Always be willing to think outside the box to accomplish the goal.
  7. Think victory:  Look forward to the retiree reaching the goal and enjoying the fruits of  the planning process.
  8. Think intuitively:  By experience, have the sense of what will work.
  9. Think servanthood:  Realize the value and pleasure of serving and adding value to the retiree.
  10. Think quickly:  Evaluate quickly the needs of the retirement plan as it relates to the current economic conditions see possible answers available in the marketplace.

If you haven’t selected your team, visit me at my website and complete the contact information.



The Irony of Spiritual Leadership:  Get Understanding but Don’t Lean On it.      (Proverbs 3:5,6)

Proverbs poses an apparent paradox in spiritual leadership.  We are to get wisdom and understanding, yet we are not to lean on it apart from the Lord.  Even  good wisdom divorced from God can become a snare.  So how are Godly leaders to think?

  1. Godly leaders think bigThey realize God’s vision is usually bigger than theirs.
  2. Godly leaders think othersThey always include others in the mix.
  3. Godly leaders think continually:  They’re not satisfied with today’s answers.
  4. Godly leaders think bottom line:  They want to see results and fruit.
  5. Godly leaders think continual growth:  They want to keep improving.
  6. Godly leaders think without lines:  They let God outside of the box.
  7. Godly leaders think victory:  They want to see God’s rule come to earth.
  8. Godly leaders think intuitively:  They have a sense of what will  work.
  9. Godly leaders think servanthood:  They want to serve and add value to people.
  10. Godly leaders think quickly:  They evaluate quickly and see possible answers.

Have a great day!


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