“Principle-Centered Leadership”

John Maxwell Leadership Bible:  (Proverbs 4:20–27)

Leaders who last do not merely react to their culture; they base their leadership on timeless and universal principles. They remain relevant because they marry cultural context to timeless truth. Proverbs 4 encourages leaders to become principle centered. Verses 20–27 teach us that God’s principles give us three crucial tools:

1. They are a guide; they help us stay on the right path.

2. They are a guard; they keep our hearts and bodies protected.

3. They are a gauge; they enable us to evaluate where we are.

These principles build our character, direct our decisions, and correct our lifestyles. Every leader ought to consume God’s Word, then put the truths he or she discovers in the form of principles that can guide, guard, and gauge his or her life.


As a financial advisor I strive to base my relationship with clients on timeless and universal principles.  When dealing with my clients’ retirement and savings assets, each decision is based on guide, guard, and gauge. 

The guiding principle helps to stay on the right path to accumulating retirement funds to make sure retirement goals are met.

The guarding principle can be applied during the accumulation period in preparation for  retirement and making certain there will sufficient funds for  retirement, making sure the funds will outlive the retiree, and  having sufficient liquidity to me unforeseen needs.

The gauging principle is used for evaluating the progress of preparing for retirement, living in retirement, and providing for family.

By strictly adhering to these principles, my relationship with clients is enhanced and relieves them from the stress that can be experienced on the way to retirement and afterword.

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