John Maxwell Leadership Bible:  (Proverbs 16:1-3)

Effective leaders practice the Law of Navigation.  Proverbs 16 opens with these words:  “The preparations of the heart  belong to man, but the answer of  the tongue is  from  the Lord.  All the ways  of a man are pure in his own  eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirits.  Commit your works  to the Lord, and  your thoughts will be established.”  (v. 1-3)

These verses teach  us to:

  • check the  source of our wisdom
  • check our motives
  • check the outcome we are pursuing

Consider the  five key words to understanding how God helps leaders to navigate their way through life:

  1. Process:  God’s plan usually unfolds over time.  What is He revealing progressively?
  2. Purpose:  God wants to accomplish His purposes.  Why were you created?
  3. Potential:  God will use your gifts and passion.  Does this goal fit who you are?
  4. Prioritize:  God will ask you to adjust your time and  energy.  What steps must you take?
  5. Proceed:  God will eventually require you to act.  When should you start?


I read in the Book of Proverbs each morning.  On the first day of the month I begin the Proverbs 1 to find wisdom for the day.  In this manner I can complete the book by the last day of the month (if the month  has 31 days).  The I get the privilege of beginning again on the first day of the next month.  I have read the book many times but each day there is a gem of wisdom to carry me through the day both personally and  in business.

All during this day I will be challenged to check the source of my wisdom, my motives, and the outcome I am pursuing.  I will be challenged to apply  this to myself as well as to clients and prospective clients.

I have learned from many years dealing with clients, that as we develop a relationship, our motives and the outcome we are pursing become beneficial for each of us.  It is from wisdom and experience that I will develop the plans that the outcome being pursued will become a reality.

I encourage clients to set retirement goals that, when reached, will be sufficient for not only retiring but remaining retired for many years.  There is usually much more included in a plan  of  retirement than just income.  Other things to consider are:  spouse, family, the possibility of needing long-term care, and unforeseen needs.  These are only a few of the items to be included in a workable retirement plan.

It would be nice if each person could just adopt a plan that fits someone else and the goals they have.  Unfortunately, that does not always work because each of us have different goals and needs.

Have a great day!



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