PROVERBS 10:6-32:

A number of verses in Proverbs speak of the tongue and  how to use it as a positive influence.  Leaders who use words skillfully increase their influence.  Leaders who understand the power of their words accomplish the following:

  1. They proclaim justice and are blessed (v.6)
  2. They speak hope for the future, becoming a fountain of life to others (v.11)
  3. They speak forth wisdom and save others from ruin (vv.13,14)
  4. The know when silence is more powerful than words (v.19)
  5. Their words feed and nourish many others (v.21)
  6. They express what is right and nurture the right in the hearts of those who  follow (vv.31,32)


These are the  principles I adhere to in my relationships with  clients.  Not only to speak with wisdom, but at all times listen to the goals and needs of clients in planning for their future or present retirement.  In  doing this a strong long-lasting relationship is accomplished that assists the client in reaching retirement.  The goal is to prepare not only for retirement, but making sure that the client can remain retired.

Reaching retirement goals is very important, but even more important is being able to remain retired in future years.





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