John Maxwell’s Leadership Bible:  (Proverbs 8:15-16)

Leadership begins with our thoughts even before out actions.  When our mind and our attitudes are right, we position ourselves top lead well.  Wisdom desires to be the best friend of any leader:  Wise leaders also have discernment in relationships, a hatred for what is wrong, and influence.


When I look back over my professional life, I realize clients who have contacted me were not seeking the end-product of my actions.  They were seeking leadership in the area of my training, experience, and expertise.

They  were not seeking a follower!  If they were, they probably had more of those traits than they saw it me.

Whether a prospective client knows it or not, they are hopefully seeking a relationship that gives benefit to all parties involved.  That relationship grows from  the experience using our thoughts to fine-tune our actions.  This results in the client receiving a plan that will achieve the desired results to assist them being able to retire and keep them retired.



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