I enjoy the reading of Proverbs each day.  Beginning on the first day of the month, I read Proverbs 1.  I also like to read the same Proverbs in the  Maxwell Leadership Bible, which has some very good lessons in  Christian leadership.

I try to apply these lesson in my personal and business life and find that it serves me well in both.

Proverbs 2 and 3 poses an  apparent paradox in spiritual leadership.  We are to get wisdom and understanding (2:1-5), yet we are not to lean on  it  apart from the Lord (3:5,6).  Even good wisdom divorced from God can become a snare.  So how are godly leaders to think?

  1.  Godly leaders think big:  They realize God’s vision is usually bigger than theirs.
  2. Godly leaders think other people:  They always include others in the mix.
  3. Godly leaders think continually:  They’re not satisfied with today’s answers.
  4. Godly leaders think bottom line:  They want to see results and fruit.
  5. Godly leaders think continual growth:  They want to keep improving.
  6. Godly leaders think without lines:  They let God outside of the box.
  7. Godly leaders think victory:  They want to see God’s rule come to earth.
  8. Godly leaders think intuitively:  They have a sense of what will work.
  9. Godly leaders think servanthood:  They want to serve and add value to people.
  10. Godly leaders think quickly:  They evaluate quickly and see possible answer.







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