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July 2, 2015

A few years ago we attended a family reunion at Breaks Interstate Park on the state line between Virginia and Kentucky.  We left Texas and traveled to Nashville to pickup our daughter.  From there we traveled to  Kingsport, Virginia and on to Breaks Interstate Park.

We  used the GPS on our smart phone to arrive in Nashville, find our hotel, and find the airport the next morning.  From there we traveled on to Kingsport and the use of the GPS was a great help.  After reaching Kingsport, we turned north toward the park.  This route took us through the mountains of Virginia and we looked forward to the drive.  Our faithful GPS had guided us all the way.

Just as we began our drive into the mountains, I discovered my GPS had ceased speaking to me.  I didn’t realize there were no cell phone towers in the mountains of  Virginia.  (We later discovered we could get cell  phone service at the top of the  mountain at the  park….sometimes.)  Being conservative, I had printed a map with directions before we began our trip.  We then had to depend solely  on the printed map.  It was quite a trip in the mountains, with many county roads that were little more than a narrow lane.  Without the printed information, we would have been in trouble finding our way.  But, we arrived and had a great reunion with relatives.

Interstate Park

A GPS will not guide you to your retirement!

Retirement doesn’t just happen.  It requires proper planning that is specialized and personalized.  If you don’t have a plan, you make take some of the side roads and get off the main route.  Like any other plan there will be adjustments as you aim for retirement.

If you are already retired, you may have taken some of the side roads and your plan at retirement needs a few adjustments.  You may have assumed your retirement funds would outlive you when you reached retirement and now it seems like you will outlive your retirement funds.  That can be remedied by “in-retirement” planning.

This is the exciting part of  what I do:  Assisting clients in  planning for retirement and making sure they can remain retired.

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I was reading in Exodus this morning.  After Israel had been delivered out of Egypt, they traveled in circles for many years.  They may have even taken a few side roads.  It was not until they were obedient to  God’s laws were they directed to the  Promised Land.  It took more than the words printed on the tablets from  God.  It took faith and dependence on their GPS (God).  It took obedience to His plan and following His directions.

Have a great day!