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May 21, 2015

When my daughter Lyndsey was young, her needs were much different from today.  Maybe a better word for “needs” is “wants.”  I remember her playing with her baby dolls and not having a cradle to rock them in.  Maybe she expressed her need or it  could have been her mother.  There is even a slight possibility it was me.  Providing for these needs required very simple woodworking skills.  That changed over the years as those needs changed.  Anyway, she needed a cradle to rock her babies and this resulted in the following woodworking project.


Rocking Cradle

Lyndsey was home for Mother’s Day and a garage sale.  She climbed in the attic to rediscover her keepsakes and she found this rocking cradle.  It brought back wonderful memories of her younger years. She also discovered the bubblegum machine I had built for her when she discovered chewing gum:

Bubblegum Machine

Bubblegum Machine

When Lyndsey was young, her thoughts, needs, and wants were based on what she could use at that time.  She wasn’t concerned about goals for the future.  After she graduated from The University of Texas and entered the business world, she began to concentrate more on goals and not current “wants.”  Then she was more concerned with current needs that would last for her future years.  By this time, my woodworking skills had to improve to provide for much more complicated projects.

Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center


Sleigh Bed

Lamp Table

Lamp Table

Jewelry Cabinet

Jewelry Cabinet

As Lyndsey’s wants changed to goals, one thing never changed.  I received much pleasure in being able to provide those needs.

Lyndsey was, and is, no different from all of us.  When we are younger we are more concerned about today than tomorrow.  We often put off our planning for retirement, believing our future will take care of itself…our retirement goals will be reached without any effort on  our part.

Retirement doesn’t just happen.  Retirement goals are not accomplished without planning.

Remaining retired is often not easy.  Many people discover they need to work longer before retiring or supplement their retirement income by returning to the “working retired” group.

Today, my pleasure is to work with people looking forward to retirement and assist them with the necessary planning to achieve their retirement goals.  It is also a challenge to me to be of service to those who are retired to make certain their retirement funds live longer than they do.

There are no plans that are like the “one size fit all socks.”  Each retirement plan must be developed to reach each person’s needs and goals.  They must have the flexibility to take care of any “bumps in the road.”

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During my Bible study one morning I realized that God is always very near to us.  We just fail to include Him in our daily needs.  Then when our plans don’t work out, we look around and there He is.  When the disciples of Jesus were alarmed about the danger of a storm at sea, He was there walking on the water toward them.  Look around each day and you will discover the Presence of God.  Look and expect to feel His presence.  When you are really looking for Him. He will be there.

Have a great day!