If you have read my posts in the past, you are probably aware of my being an avid baseball fan.  I am not just a baseball fan, I am an avid Longhorn baseball plan.  To me, the game of baseball is a very interesting sport.  Many people consider baseball to be very boring.  What is exciting to me, is looking below the  physical appearance of game as it is played.  All  sports must have a game plan and as the game progresses you are able to see the adjustments that must be made to have a successful outcome.

This year the game has been affected by the spring rains and, in the case of the Longhorns, six extra-inning games.  The rains have caused delays, cancellations, double-headers, other things that have caused various adjustments to the original game plans.  The three starting pitchers have been determined for the series and sometimes have to be changed because of extra innings, rains, etc.

As a game is played out maybe the coach will use seven or eight pitchers instead of two or three.  Often a relief pitcher will come into the game and is doing a great job, only to be taken out of  the game after only one batter.  Some people wonder why!  The coach has a plan that considers not just the next batter.  There are many factors involved.  How many runners on base.  How many outs.  The need for a pitcher who is able to cause batters to hit ground balls to set up a double play.  All of these things, and many more, make up the game of baseball.

Maybe the season is going great and the team gets in a hitting slump.  It seems like there are times when all the players are getting hits.  At other times, it seems like none of the players are getting hits.  There are a number of reasons for this and it is a problem to be addressed by the coaches.  I have heard the Longhorn coach say it is because the players are trying too hard and to the fans it appears they are not trying hard enough.  This is the game of baseball.

So, what does this have to do with retirement?  To be able to retire and remain retired, you must have a plan.  This is also very exciting to me.  Just as the game plan for baseball has many things that can cause adjustments, a  retirement plan will need to have the flexibility to make necessary adjustments.  These adjustments may be necessary during the accumulation period as well as during and after retirement.  This flexibility is what makes a retirement plan successful.

Now that I have you thinking about baseball and retirement, visit my website and  complete the “Contact” form and discover how you can have a better retirement plan:


I have discovered over the years that all the planning I’ve done for what I want out of life cannot compare with the plans God has for me.  My plans have had the spring rains, storms, delays, and many things that cause failure.  The blessing in that is it always causes me to seek God’s plan and make the necessary adjustments necessary to join that plan.

Have a great day!


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