It seems like it’s been a long time since the beauty of the leaves turning brilliant colors last fall.  After the leaves covered my lawn, it was time to spend the winter months removing the leaves and prepare for the coming spring season.  Now the spring season is bringing new life to the grass, trees, and flowers.  It is worth the work of raking the leaves to see a fresh new view of  spring.

Red Azaleas

Wite Azaleas

I believe the fresh view of nature in the spring also breathes new life into our spirits.  Spring brings many things I really enjoy.  I like the beauty of spring after the dreary days of winter and really get excited about the beginning of Longhorn baseball each year.

This year it is really exciting to me.  I just experienced the miracle  of cataract surgery and the replacement of the lens in both eyes.  This brought a truly new view to the wonders of spring flowers, new growth on the trees, and fresh new green grass.  The colors are amazing with my new eyes!

Whether you are retired or working on your retirement goals, it is time for your annual financial checkup.  It may be time to get a fresh new view of the progress your retirement planning to determine if you will be able to  retire when the time comes.  If you are retired, a fresh new view may determine if your retirement funds will outlive you.  It is never too early or too late to make the necessary adjustments to make sure you will be able  to retire and remain retired.

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When you visit the website, complete the contact information and give me the opportunity to visit with you about your retirement plan.  Sometimes a fresh new view of an outdated retirement plan is well worth the time and effort.


As we travel down life’s path, we sometimes get the “blahs” of winter and become lazy and complacent.  But God knows how to give us a fresh new view of His plans for us.  It is just like waking  up from a long sleep and seeing the Goodness of God and be reminded of His blessings on our lives.  God’s Spirit brings us out of the “downs” of life and fills us with the excitement of a personal relationship with Him.

Have a great day!


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