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March 12, 2015

This world would be boring without the change of seasons. During the cold Winter season, we begin to look forward to Spring.  Then we begin to anticipate the warm (or hot) temperatures that comes with Summer.  We can find time for vacations and other activities that Summer makes available.  During the heat of Summer, we begin to  look forward to the Fall season with  cooler temperatures and the many colors provided by the leaves as the trees prepare for winter.  Then we are back in  the winter season and a full year has passed.

On March 8 of this year it was time to set our clocks to Daily Saving Time.  I just recently discovered Saving is not SavingS.  Most people use the S when referring to Daily Saving Time.

It may be exciting to save time each year and have the opportunity for activities provided by extended daylight hours in the  evening, but there are other things to get excited about.

One thing we should get excited about is saving for our retirement.  I meet with many people who, for the most part, wish they had started saving while they were younger.  If you fall into that category, the best advice I can give is:  “DON’T PUT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY!”

Saving for retirement also has its seasons.  The first is the planning season, where retirement goals are determined.  The next season is that of  accumulation, when we begin to set aside the necessary funds to reach the goals of retirement.  The last season is retirement and being thankful the funds you accumulated allows you to retire and remain retired.

There is one more season many people ignore.  During the accumulation season it is necessary to periodically review and/or adjust your goals to take care of the changes that have occurred since your retirement plan was established.  This is your “financial checkup.”  You don’t go through  life without “physical checkups,” so don’t ignore a periodic “financial checkup.”  This is necessary to make sure your retirement funds will live longer than you.  This is how you will be able  to retire and remain retired.

If you have already gone through the accumulation period and are retired, there are ways to make sure your retirement funds outlive you.


The God of all creation is the provider of our seasons each year.  He understood our needs in the very beginning and He knows our needs each day.  I am thankful He knows my needs and is the provider of all things good.  I know that He watches over each of us and wants only the very best for us.

Have a great day!