Last week in my post I mentioned gas @ $1.37 and thought it will not stay at that price very long.  This was on Thursday morning early.  The price had dropped to $1.31 by Friday morning and we left town for Austin and a weekend of Longhorn baseball.

On Monday morning, the  price was $1.29 and vehicles were still lined up in the parking lot, driveway, and on  the  shoulders of the highway.  This morning I passed the two stores that are involved in this price war.  The price was $1.27 and $1.29, while all other stations were $2.18.  This is what it looked like:

Gas #1

Gas #2

These pictures do not reflect the crowd waiting for  gasoline.  Hopefully there weren’t in line 24/7 while I was away this weekend.

People will wait in long lines to obtain “more bang for their buck.”  More value for their dollar is very important, especially during these economic times.  Cheaper gasoline is more about today than the tomorrows ahead.

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When I think of getting “more bang for my buck,” I remember the good and bad times of the past and the watchful eye of a Loving God who has been present in those times.  I am so thankful for the price Jesus paid that I might live in freedom and experience His love each day of my life.

Have a great day!


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