My wife came back from her morning walk early this morning.  She reported seeing gasoline at $1.65 per gallon.  Wow!  It’s been a long time  since I have seen that.  An hour later, I was on  my way to get a haircut and the price had dropped to $1.61.  I didn’t have time before my appointment to stop for a fill-up.  So, forty-five minutes later, I went back and the price had dropped again.  Now, it was $1.51 and while I was filling my gas tank, the priced dropped to $1.49.  What is going on?  At 2 PM, I returned to town to pick up a prescription.  Surprise again!  The price had dropped to $1.37 and cars were all over the parking lot and driveway of both stations…and lined up on the side of  the highway.

Would you be surprised at finding gasoline  at $1.37 per gallon?  Would you be surprised to discover Burrows Financial can offer you a retirement plan that  would guarantee you a lifetime income without market risk?  Would it surprise you to have a better retirement plan that will make certain you would  not outlive your retirement funds?  Check out my website, complete the contact form, and let’s get together to create a plan to reach your retirement goals.



Over the years I have been surprised at the goodness of God.  From past experience I know the blessings of God and am aware of His watchful eye on my life and the lives of my family.  We should never be surprised when miracles come our way.  I have learned the way to have a blessed day is to begin each day giving thanks to a Mighty God who  loves each of us unconditionally.

Have a great day!


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