Pam and  I enjoyed a Valentine weekend in  Houston watching the  Longhorns play the Rice Owls.  This was the  opening of the 2015 baseball season.  We split the 4-game series, winning on Friday night, losing two on Saturday, and winning the final game on Sunday.  Many people think baseball is a slow and boring sport.  I believe It to be the most exciting college sport being played.  It is not just about pitching, hitting, and fielding.  The strategy of each coach is what the game is all about.  As a fan, I want to win every game.

I know Augie Garrido, the Longhorn coach, likes to win but this early in the season there is a lot going on.  He is building a team with the goal of traveling to OMAHA to become champion of the College World Series.  This past weekend, the coach played a number of freshmen in the process of building the team.  If he can win while building the team, that is great.  If he loses some games and finds the right players, it pays off as the season progresses.  That is what makes winners.  I don’t need to wonder whether Augie knows what he is doing.  His winning record speaks for itself.  As of the 2014 season, Garrido has compiled a collegiate record of 1917-890-9. He has taken his programs to 15 College World Series.  His teams have won five national championships.

I find it exciting to watch him put together a team of championship caliber.  His many years of experience is what makes it possible to build a team to compete in college baseball and  at the same time build the character in his team with the ability to  deal with and overcome the adversities his players will face for the rest of their lives.

Experience pays off in all areas of  our lives.  Burrows Financial has the  experience to be of service in building a plan for retirement for  our clients.  A better retirement plan doesn’t just happen.  It  must be put together the same way a baseball team is  built.  It must have the right ingredients and flexibility to reach the goals set for retirement.  During the accumulation period of growing a retirement fund, the plan must have the  flexibility to make the necessary adjustments caused by the ups and downs of  the  economy.  It must also have the flexibility to change as the retirement goals change.  Three things are necessary in any plan:


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Israel experienced miracle after miracle after God brought them out of Egypt.  They became discouraged and forgot about the miracles they had experienced.  As a result, they wandered in the  wilderness for 40 years going around in circles even though they were only a short distance from the Promised Land.  As we live through the adversities of today and look forward to the journey ahead, we must remember our past experiences and God’s presence in those circumstances.  Then we can approach life with confidence of His presence at all times.
Have a great day!

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