When is chili too hot?  Well, a couple of  years ago, I found out chili can be too hot.  My wife had been away for a class reunion and  I decided to surprise her with fresh chili…the way I make it (no beans).  If you want beans, I can cook you some and you can add them.  Ugh!

Well, I browned the meat and began adding the other ingredients.  I use 4 to 6 tablespoons of chili powder and, after I added this amount, there was a little left in the bottle so I just emptied the bottle.  I like to  use a tablespoon of ground Cayenne red pepper.  When I reached for the chili powder, I noticed the label read “ground Cayenne red pepper.”  I had added red pepper instead of chili powder.  I decided it might be best to make a larger pot of chili, so I doubled the recipe without adding red pepper.

My chili simmered all  afternoon and really smelled great.  My wife was to arrive about supper time, but I decided to have a small bowl as a taste test.  It was like eating pure fire!  She arrived and was so excited to have fresh chili for supper.  I explained about my goof and we ate the chili.  It had a great taste, but it was too hot.

I am familiar with using “sourdough starter” for making bread and  biscuits, so we decided to make “chili starter” for the freezer and use it for later chili making.  So, using the “too hot chili”, we made more chili the next day without “red pepper.”  Then we used this make a few packages of starter and into the freezer it went.

It took quite a while to use all of the starter.  The only problem was, it was still too hot and  didn’t taste like my chili recipe.  This is what happens when “chili is too hot.”

When you have a retirement plan, it needs to have the right ingredients to reach your goals.  Often, the plan is old, outdated and doesn’t fit the current economy, or your original goals have changed.  It may work as a “retirement plan starter,” and with a few adjustments, become a better retirement plan.

If you don’t have a retirement plan…you need one.  If you have a retirement plan, it may need new ingredients.  Your old plan may get you retired, but will it make sure you outlive your retirement funds?  My goal is to make certain retirement funds live longer than the retiree


As we live through this life provided by our Creator, we make many mistakes.  When we trust in God and seek His wisdom, He will provide the ingredients needed to adapt our life to His plans.  We know His goals and as we develop our relationship with Him, He will provide the way.  His light will shine on us and make our path  straight.

Have a great and blessed day!


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