If you have ever asked a Cajun cook how to make gumbo, you will most likely get this  answer:  FIRST, YOU MAKE A ROUX.”  With many Cajun recipes you need a roux…that is the beginning.  Without that, you will never have a gumbo.  I will not get into the recipe.  My point is that all endeavors must have a beginning before you can reach your goal.

If you were to ask me how to reach your retirement goals, I would always give you the same answer:  “FIRST, YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN.”  If you have a plan that’s not working, it’s time for a review to make the needed adjustments.  Often, it is necessary to scrap the plan just like ROUX that wasn’t prepared correctly.  Bad ROUX is bad ROUX and it’s best to retire it to the garbage.

I know the taste of good ROUX for Cajun gumbo and I know what a better retirement plan includes.  Each one has a goal and requires certain ingredients to reach that goal.  Each one takes patience and a commitment to achieve the end results.



FIRST, WE NEED TO JOIN GOD’S PLAN.  When we accept His plan for life, we are on the way to reaching His goals that will bring glory to Him.  His plan is  not a retirement plan…it  is a plan for an abundant life.

Have a great day!


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