There are many types of relationships.  Here are some of the definitions list in the dictionary:

The state of being related by kindred, affinity, or other alliance.

A relation between people (‘relationship’ is often used where ‘relation’ would serve, as in ‘the relationship between inflation and unemployment’, but the preferred usage of ‘relationship’ is for human relations or states of relatedness): “the relationship between mothers and their children.”

Relationship – a state of connectedness between  people (especially an emotional connection); “he didn’t want his wife to  know of the relationship.”

Relationship – a state involving mutual dealings between people or parties or countries.

Relationship – state of relatedness or connection  by blood or marriage or adoption.

I have my own definition of relationships.  They are not one-way associations. All parties to the relationship take into consideration the needs and feelings of the other, or others.  My wife and I have a relationship that has been nurtured over the years.  My daughter and I have a relationship that we have worked on for years.  I have friends that have proven true friends because we have been attentive to each others’ needs.  All of these relationships have developed with these standards.  True relationships are not one-way, benefitting only one party.

Sometimes, after years in what we believed to be relationships, we suddenly realize these associations have been one-sided.  When we really need someone to depend on, we find that the relationship has been all give and no take.  What we thought was a true friend, etc., was only an acquaintance.

At Burrows Financial we work at establishing and building relationships.  In doing this we build and earn trust from our clients, letting them know that we are always available for their needs.  It is not just “business as usual,” it is a relationship that benefits both parties.  If you have a problem, it is our problem.  If you have success in your business or personal life, we want  to share in that success.  Our relationship with our clients is never at a  standstill.  It grows stronger day by day, year by year.

If you don’t have a financial advisor, you need one.  If you have an advisor, is there a relationship, or do you hear from them only when they need something.  Or, do you call on them only when you need something.  When you call Burrows Financial, the relationship begins and grows stronger.

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When I think of relationships, I realize the most important and true relationship I have is the one with God.  It is truly not a one-way experience.  He listens to me and is always available when I call on Him.  I must strive each day for wisdom and listen for His voice to sustain me in all  circumstances.


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