It has been too long since college baseball ended at The College World Series last summer.  My excitement begins to build around Christmas time looking forward to the season opener each February.  Season tickets to Longhorn baseball…that is the gift Pam and II give each other for Christmas.  Then the count-down and the excitement begins to build.

Longhorn Baseball

This year we open the season in Houston playing a four-game series against the Rice Owls on February 13.  The first game is Friday night, with  a double-header on  Saturday, and finish with a game on Sunday.  The above picture is of Disch-Falk Field in Austin.

It takes a little planning for the weekend in Houston…tickets to the games, hotel reservations, etc., but I know my planning activities are nothing compared to the planning of Coach Garrido and the team.  I often wonder if he is working on his plans for the team 24/7 for 365 days each year.  I am sure his success in coaching is the results of always having a plan and adjusting that plan as necessary.

This year’s opening series just happens to be Valentine Day weekend.  We will be away from home, but that never interferes with Pam’s decorating plans for this special occasion in our lives.  She decorates for each change of the season or holiday.

Valentine #1

Valentine #2

Valentine #3

It is very difficult to know where you are going, and when you arrive, if you are without a plan.  I often get a call from people wanting to know when is the best time to start a plan  for  retirement.  My answer is always, “NOW!”  Too many people are more interest in the NOW than in all of their tomorrows.  With a small adjustment in the NOW spending, you can begin a plan for your future retirement.  It is never too early to start setting your retirement goals.  You will be very surprised and happy with the results of careful planning.  You never have “too little” to start the planning necessary to reach your goals.

I get excited about Longhorn baseball and my Valentine.  I also get very excited about the planning process for assisting someone to set retirement goals and watch as the plan develops.  That really excites me and one of the main reasons I enjoy being a retirement specialist.


When I think of excitement, nothing compares with the excitement of God’s plan for each of us.  That excitement builds as we become closer in our relationship  with Him and He begins to reveal His plan for us.  That is real excitement!  Being thankful each day for His goodness and love for  us brings us closer in that relationship.

Have a great day!


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