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February 24, 2015

Last week in my post I mentioned gas @ $1.37 and thought it will not stay at that price very long.  This was on Thursday morning early.  The price had dropped to $1.31 by Friday morning and we left town for Austin and a weekend of Longhorn baseball.

On Monday morning, the  price was $1.29 and vehicles were still lined up in the parking lot, driveway, and on  the  shoulders of the highway.  This morning I passed the two stores that are involved in this price war.  The price was $1.27 and $1.29, while all other stations were $2.18.  This is what it looked like:

Gas #1

Gas #2

These pictures do not reflect the crowd waiting for  gasoline.  Hopefully there weren’t in line 24/7 while I was away this weekend.

People will wait in long lines to obtain “more bang for their buck.”  More value for their dollar is very important, especially during these economic times.  Cheaper gasoline is more about today than the tomorrows ahead.

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When I think of getting “more bang for my buck,” I remember the good and bad times of the past and the watchful eye of a Loving God who has been present in those times.  I am so thankful for the price Jesus paid that I might live in freedom and experience His love each day of my life.

Have a great day!



February 19, 2015

My wife came back from her morning walk early this morning.  She reported seeing gasoline at $1.65 per gallon.  Wow!  It’s been a long time  since I have seen that.  An hour later, I was on  my way to get a haircut and the price had dropped to $1.61.  I didn’t have time before my appointment to stop for a fill-up.  So, forty-five minutes later, I went back and the price had dropped again.  Now, it was $1.51 and while I was filling my gas tank, the priced dropped to $1.49.  What is going on?  At 2 PM, I returned to town to pick up a prescription.  Surprise again!  The price had dropped to $1.37 and cars were all over the parking lot and driveway of both stations…and lined up on the side of  the highway.

Would you be surprised at finding gasoline  at $1.37 per gallon?  Would you be surprised to discover Burrows Financial can offer you a retirement plan that  would guarantee you a lifetime income without market risk?  Would it surprise you to have a better retirement plan that will make certain you would  not outlive your retirement funds?  Check out my website, complete the contact form, and let’s get together to create a plan to reach your retirement goals.



Over the years I have been surprised at the goodness of God.  From past experience I know the blessings of God and am aware of His watchful eye on my life and the lives of my family.  We should never be surprised when miracles come our way.  I have learned the way to have a blessed day is to begin each day giving thanks to a Mighty God who  loves each of us unconditionally.

Have a great day!


February 17, 2015

Pam and  I enjoyed a Valentine weekend in  Houston watching the  Longhorns play the Rice Owls.  This was the  opening of the 2015 baseball season.  We split the 4-game series, winning on Friday night, losing two on Saturday, and winning the final game on Sunday.  Many people think baseball is a slow and boring sport.  I believe It to be the most exciting college sport being played.  It is not just about pitching, hitting, and fielding.  The strategy of each coach is what the game is all about.  As a fan, I want to win every game.

I know Augie Garrido, the Longhorn coach, likes to win but this early in the season there is a lot going on.  He is building a team with the goal of traveling to OMAHA to become champion of the College World Series.  This past weekend, the coach played a number of freshmen in the process of building the team.  If he can win while building the team, that is great.  If he loses some games and finds the right players, it pays off as the season progresses.  That is what makes winners.  I don’t need to wonder whether Augie knows what he is doing.  His winning record speaks for itself.  As of the 2014 season, Garrido has compiled a collegiate record of 1917-890-9. He has taken his programs to 15 College World Series.  His teams have won five national championships.

I find it exciting to watch him put together a team of championship caliber.  His many years of experience is what makes it possible to build a team to compete in college baseball and  at the same time build the character in his team with the ability to  deal with and overcome the adversities his players will face for the rest of their lives.

Experience pays off in all areas of  our lives.  Burrows Financial has the  experience to be of service in building a plan for retirement for  our clients.  A better retirement plan doesn’t just happen.  It  must be put together the same way a baseball team is  built.  It must have the right ingredients and flexibility to reach the goals set for retirement.  During the accumulation period of growing a retirement fund, the plan must have the  flexibility to make the necessary adjustments caused by the ups and downs of  the  economy.  It must also have the flexibility to change as the retirement goals change.  Three things are necessary in any plan:


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Israel experienced miracle after miracle after God brought them out of Egypt.  They became discouraged and forgot about the miracles they had experienced.  As a result, they wandered in the  wilderness for 40 years going around in circles even though they were only a short distance from the Promised Land.  As we live through the adversities of today and look forward to the journey ahead, we must remember our past experiences and God’s presence in those circumstances.  Then we can approach life with confidence of His presence at all times.
Have a great day!


February 12, 2015

When is chili too hot?  Well, a couple of  years ago, I found out chili can be too hot.  My wife had been away for a class reunion and  I decided to surprise her with fresh chili…the way I make it (no beans).  If you want beans, I can cook you some and you can add them.  Ugh!

Well, I browned the meat and began adding the other ingredients.  I use 4 to 6 tablespoons of chili powder and, after I added this amount, there was a little left in the bottle so I just emptied the bottle.  I like to  use a tablespoon of ground Cayenne red pepper.  When I reached for the chili powder, I noticed the label read “ground Cayenne red pepper.”  I had added red pepper instead of chili powder.  I decided it might be best to make a larger pot of chili, so I doubled the recipe without adding red pepper.

My chili simmered all  afternoon and really smelled great.  My wife was to arrive about supper time, but I decided to have a small bowl as a taste test.  It was like eating pure fire!  She arrived and was so excited to have fresh chili for supper.  I explained about my goof and we ate the chili.  It had a great taste, but it was too hot.

I am familiar with using “sourdough starter” for making bread and  biscuits, so we decided to make “chili starter” for the freezer and use it for later chili making.  So, using the “too hot chili”, we made more chili the next day without “red pepper.”  Then we used this make a few packages of starter and into the freezer it went.

It took quite a while to use all of the starter.  The only problem was, it was still too hot and  didn’t taste like my chili recipe.  This is what happens when “chili is too hot.”

When you have a retirement plan, it needs to have the right ingredients to reach your goals.  Often, the plan is old, outdated and doesn’t fit the current economy, or your original goals have changed.  It may work as a “retirement plan starter,” and with a few adjustments, become a better retirement plan.

If you don’t have a retirement plan…you need one.  If you have a retirement plan, it may need new ingredients.  Your old plan may get you retired, but will it make sure you outlive your retirement funds?  My goal is to make certain retirement funds live longer than the retiree


As we live through this life provided by our Creator, we make many mistakes.  When we trust in God and seek His wisdom, He will provide the ingredients needed to adapt our life to His plans.  We know His goals and as we develop our relationship with Him, He will provide the way.  His light will shine on us and make our path  straight.

Have a great and blessed day!


February 10, 2015

If you have ever asked a Cajun cook how to make gumbo, you will most likely get this  answer:  FIRST, YOU MAKE A ROUX.”  With many Cajun recipes you need a roux…that is the beginning.  Without that, you will never have a gumbo.  I will not get into the recipe.  My point is that all endeavors must have a beginning before you can reach your goal.

If you were to ask me how to reach your retirement goals, I would always give you the same answer:  “FIRST, YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN.”  If you have a plan that’s not working, it’s time for a review to make the needed adjustments.  Often, it is necessary to scrap the plan just like ROUX that wasn’t prepared correctly.  Bad ROUX is bad ROUX and it’s best to retire it to the garbage.

I know the taste of good ROUX for Cajun gumbo and I know what a better retirement plan includes.  Each one has a goal and requires certain ingredients to reach that goal.  Each one takes patience and a commitment to achieve the end results.



FIRST, WE NEED TO JOIN GOD’S PLAN.  When we accept His plan for life, we are on the way to reaching His goals that will bring glory to Him.  His plan is  not a retirement plan…it  is a plan for an abundant life.

Have a great day!


February 5, 2015

There are many types of relationships.  Here are some of the definitions list in the dictionary:

The state of being related by kindred, affinity, or other alliance.

A relation between people (‘relationship’ is often used where ‘relation’ would serve, as in ‘the relationship between inflation and unemployment’, but the preferred usage of ‘relationship’ is for human relations or states of relatedness): “the relationship between mothers and their children.”

Relationship – a state of connectedness between  people (especially an emotional connection); “he didn’t want his wife to  know of the relationship.”

Relationship – a state involving mutual dealings between people or parties or countries.

Relationship – state of relatedness or connection  by blood or marriage or adoption.

I have my own definition of relationships.  They are not one-way associations. All parties to the relationship take into consideration the needs and feelings of the other, or others.  My wife and I have a relationship that has been nurtured over the years.  My daughter and I have a relationship that we have worked on for years.  I have friends that have proven true friends because we have been attentive to each others’ needs.  All of these relationships have developed with these standards.  True relationships are not one-way, benefitting only one party.

Sometimes, after years in what we believed to be relationships, we suddenly realize these associations have been one-sided.  When we really need someone to depend on, we find that the relationship has been all give and no take.  What we thought was a true friend, etc., was only an acquaintance.

At Burrows Financial we work at establishing and building relationships.  In doing this we build and earn trust from our clients, letting them know that we are always available for their needs.  It is not just “business as usual,” it is a relationship that benefits both parties.  If you have a problem, it is our problem.  If you have success in your business or personal life, we want  to share in that success.  Our relationship with our clients is never at a  standstill.  It grows stronger day by day, year by year.

If you don’t have a financial advisor, you need one.  If you have an advisor, is there a relationship, or do you hear from them only when they need something.  Or, do you call on them only when you need something.  When you call Burrows Financial, the relationship begins and grows stronger.

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Complete the contact from and start our relationship.


When I think of relationships, I realize the most important and true relationship I have is the one with God.  It is truly not a one-way experience.  He listens to me and is always available when I call on Him.  I must strive each day for wisdom and listen for His voice to sustain me in all  circumstances.


February 3, 2015

It has been too long since college baseball ended at The College World Series last summer.  My excitement begins to build around Christmas time looking forward to the season opener each February.  Season tickets to Longhorn baseball…that is the gift Pam and II give each other for Christmas.  Then the count-down and the excitement begins to build.

Longhorn Baseball

This year we open the season in Houston playing a four-game series against the Rice Owls on February 13.  The first game is Friday night, with  a double-header on  Saturday, and finish with a game on Sunday.  The above picture is of Disch-Falk Field in Austin.

It takes a little planning for the weekend in Houston…tickets to the games, hotel reservations, etc., but I know my planning activities are nothing compared to the planning of Coach Garrido and the team.  I often wonder if he is working on his plans for the team 24/7 for 365 days each year.  I am sure his success in coaching is the results of always having a plan and adjusting that plan as necessary.

This year’s opening series just happens to be Valentine Day weekend.  We will be away from home, but that never interferes with Pam’s decorating plans for this special occasion in our lives.  She decorates for each change of the season or holiday.

Valentine #1

Valentine #2

Valentine #3

It is very difficult to know where you are going, and when you arrive, if you are without a plan.  I often get a call from people wanting to know when is the best time to start a plan  for  retirement.  My answer is always, “NOW!”  Too many people are more interest in the NOW than in all of their tomorrows.  With a small adjustment in the NOW spending, you can begin a plan for your future retirement.  It is never too early to start setting your retirement goals.  You will be very surprised and happy with the results of careful planning.  You never have “too little” to start the planning necessary to reach your goals.

I get excited about Longhorn baseball and my Valentine.  I also get very excited about the planning process for assisting someone to set retirement goals and watch as the plan develops.  That really excites me and one of the main reasons I enjoy being a retirement specialist.


When I think of excitement, nothing compares with the excitement of God’s plan for each of us.  That excitement builds as we become closer in our relationship  with Him and He begins to reveal His plan for us.  That is real excitement!  Being thankful each day for His goodness and love for  us brings us closer in that relationship.

Have a great day!