Day #1 (Monday):  My wife asked me if I could build her a wooden box.  My answer was I can’t build one but I can create what you want.  First, I needed to know what the goal was for this box.  When she explained this, my mind went into creation mode.

She had just finished removing all of the Christmas decorations and it was time for a new look for a new year and season.  When I said yes…she said, “Today?”  My answer, “Tomorrow.”  So, on Tuesday I cut the boards and glued them together.  The next day this is what had been created:

After she applied her special talents in finishing, it was time to put the box to use.  This is the final results:

Creating wooden boxes are no different than creating retirement plans.  My wife had a goal for the wooden box and, once it was explained, I had no problem creating a box that would help her reach her goal.

Many times in the past I have visited with people who wished they had started a plan for retirement many years ago.  They were busy living in the “now” with no concern for the future.  It is never too early to start a plan for retirement.  Once that plan has been established to reach your goals for retirement, it is time to put it into action.  Always remember:  A plan must have the flexibility to make adjustments for unforeseen events.

My goal in creating a retirement plan designed to reach the  goals of a client is to make certain that the retirement funds outlive the client.  It is  important to reach the retirement goal and be able to retire and stay retired.

Each plan I created is special for that individual.  There are no “cookie-cutter” plans…one size fits all.  Each person’s needs and goals are different and that is the most important part of the  plan.



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