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November 11, 2014

Some things that should be simple are often very confusing and alarming.  Pam and I usually go to town in late afternoon each Sunday, get a blizzard, and stop at the city park to eat our health food and watch people on the walking path around the lake.  This time of year our late afternoon really becomes early evening, so it is dark when we finish our treat and head home.

This past Sunday evening, we started to leave the park and drove a few yards and all of the lights on the information panel of the Escalade began flashing.  It is a little alarming when your truck’s headlights begin shining and then not shining, and the information panel tells you that the battery is not charging, check your air bag, your traction is not working, fasten safety belts, check your tire pressure, etc.  We stopped and turned the ignition key off and restarted the engine hoping we just had a computer glitch and everything would automatically reset.  Wrong!

We decided to attempt to get home while we still had engine power.  The lights blinked a few times and then failed to work.  We continued on, hoping everything would begin working correctly.  That didn’t happen, so we pulled into a parking lot to settle our panic and decide what to do.  Pam suggested turning on the emergency blinkers.  That sounded like a good idea and I began looking for the button that would turn the blinkers on.  I remembered the button was on the steering column somewhere.  With no lights, I managed to find the button by the “feeling and touch method” and the slashers started to work.  So, we pulled back on the  highway and began our four-mile journey with no headlights.  Now, we have darkness, all  the lights flashing on the information, and the  emergency flashers working.  I don’t know what drivers in the cars we met thought about a vehicle meeting them with  nothing but flashers blinking at them in the darkness.  We made it home okay even though it was difficult to see the highway.  The cars we met could see the road much better than us.  It would have been much worse if we weren’t traveling on a road we had traveled for years.

I am no mechanic or computer whiz and have been thankful that my Escalade will tell me when I need to check air pressure, seat belts, battery, etc.  This has worked well for many years.  But, in this situation, I don’t know what to do when the information panel tells me to check everything except where my hands are located on the steering wheel.  This was a situation where I was getting too much information.  I really only needed to know what the immediate problem was.

When we arrived in our driveway, it was not a time the gripe, but be thankful.  First, I was thankful we arrived home safely.  Then, I was thankful we were not on a trip and forced to deal with our problem on a strange highway and/or town.  Even worse, we could have been far from any town and stranded on the highway.  I was thankful we were safe at home and we could deal with the  problem the  next day.

I always begin my day by reading the Bible and then having a little visit with God.  I know that He desires us to begin our day with Him.  We do that because it pleases Him.  The  morning after our information  panel experience, I began my prayers with a thankful  heart.  Many times, probably most times, we focus our prayers on things we want and I realized this was being a little selfish.  My prayers that morning did not include requests for anything.  I began to give thanks for what God had done for me in the  past, being thankful the current day that God has provided, and being thankful and excited about all the tomorrows to come.  That morning  was not a morning to gripe about any difficulties of yesterday.  It was a time to be thankful for God’s presence in all situations.  He has promised never to leave us and that is truly something to be thankful for.  We can remember His presence in the past, have faith  of His presence today and all of  our tomorrows.