What are great accomplishments?

Faithful  completion of mundane tasks is a great accomplishment.  There are mundane tasks involved in each and every endeavor.

I am a Longhorn Baseball fan and have thought of all the various components of being on a baseball team.

Texas baseball offseason performance program

To me this would be one of those mundane tasks.  I see nothing exciting about working out in the gym during offseason.  But, I know it is important for each member of the  team.  A baseball team includes those who earn a starting position, pitchers who earn a spot on the regular rotation, and players who must be ready to play when called on.  There are catchers with only the responsibility of working with the pitchers in the bullpen.  The team also includes  players who may never play in a game.  Each team member  is important and must be physically and mentally ready when called on by the  coach.  If you are unable to accomplish the mundane, you will not be ready when your particular skills are needed.

Batting Practice

What is exciting about batting practice?  What is exciting about hitting ball after ball after ball?  To me it seems mundane.  If you are not willing to participate in batting practice with patience and diligence, you will most likely not be ready when the coach calls your number…that one particular moment in a game when the team needs you.

“Warming up” in the bullpen

How many times will a pitcher go through the process of “warming up” and being ready for his  number to be called and the circumstances of the game change and he  is not needed?  He may be needed for  only one inning or even just one batter.  He may spend game after game in the bullpen and never be called.  Is he important?  Yes, he  is just as important as the pitcher who earns a spot in  the regular rotation.  He may be a “lefty” or a “righty.” or he may have that one very special pitch that makes a difference in the outcome  of  the game.  Yes, he is  important and the catchers who work the bullpen are just as important.  They are all members of the team.  If the team wins, they all win.  If the team loses, they all lose.


The Longhorns spend a lot  of time practicing the bunt.  This year they lead the nation in sacrificing.  You may be the “home run” hitter for the team, but if the  coach tells you it is time  to bunt….it is time to bunt!  How are you successful in accomplishing the bunt?  You practice the mundane task of sacrificing to accomplish the game plan at the moment.  By practicing, the bunt has become an art to you.  It is not something that feels strange to you, it is something you are confident in doing.  Doing the mundane leads to a great accomplishment. 

When you have done your job and your sacrifice has accomplished your part of the game plan, you receive “high-fives” from the team when you go back  to the dugout.  Why?  You have just experienced a great accomplishment…a productive out!

Coach Augie explains the plan

When Augie calls a meeting with the batter at the plate and the batter on deck, Pam loves to pull out her binoculars and see the expressions on their faces.  If the players don’t know the plan, how will they make that great accomplishment?  While Pam and I are trying to figure out what the plan is, the opposing coach and players are also trying to figure out what Augie is up to.  Maybe it’s a bunt to get a base runner in scoring position.  Maybe it’s a long fly ball to drive in the runner at third.  Maybe it’s a hit and run play.  These are the reasons the game of baseball is so exciting to me.  It’s not about the excitement of seeing home runs…it’s about achieving great accomplishments the team achieves by practicing and doing the mundane tasks.


Proverb 21:5

The plans of the diligent lead to  profit

   as surely as haste leads to poverty.

This proverb reminds us that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  There are many voices that call out  to us with get rich schemes, but the Bible does not condone that type of mentality.  It is the diligent application of planning and work that brings us to true abundance.  The path of diligence may not be as flashy, but it has a greater chance of getting u to the actual goal.

Faithful completion  of mundane tasks is a great accomplishment.  Such work is patiently carried out according to a plan.  Diligence does not come naturally to most people.  It is a result of strong character.  Don’t look for quick and easy answers.  Be a diligent servant of God.

The greatest accomplishment of all is what God can do through us as we diligently and faithfully complete the mundane tasks we are assigned in God’s plan.



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