A number of years ago, we went with a group to Horseshoe Bay Golf Resort for a weekend of fun and golf.  There were six couples on  the trip.  The women either played golf or went shopping.  I don’t remember which activity was number one on the women’s agenda.  Either way, the men played together and the women shopped or  golfed.

There were three golf courses at that time…Slick Rock, Applerock, and Ram  Rock.  We  played all three of them during  the weekend.  Slick Rock is down in the valley.  Applerock and Ram Rock were up in the hills.  The first day we played SlickRock and ventured to the hills the next morning to play Applerock.

We arrived on  the number one tee and the course marshall gave us instructions on playing Applerock.  Part of our instructions were about playing from the rough.  He said we could play from  the rough if we could find the ball.  He also told us they had killed a rattlesnake in the rough the day before…the first of  the golf season.  It didn’t take us long to decide to play the ball if we could see if from the fairway and could determine if there were any snakes in  the immediate area.  If the ball landed deep in the rough, it was just “lost ball.”

Slick Rock is the easiest course and Applerock is much more difficult.  Ram Rock is very difficult and when you tee off, you don’t see civilization until you finish on #18.  This was early in the development and there were not many houses built on this course.  We saw many deer during our golf round on Ram Rock. It is probably more populated today.


When we stay on the path God has planned for us, there may be difficulties but our Protector is always there to keep us safe.  When Israel was delivered from Egypt, God was there twenty-four / seven.  He provided a cloud by day for their protection and fire by night to guide them.  When they drifted into the  rough (disobedience), they were in danger.  God was always  there to guide them back to safety.  We must always follow the path where God is leading us and stay out of the dangerous rough.  He is ever faithful and  wants only the very best for those who truly love Him.

Have a great day!


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