I have been struggling today for a subject for this blog.  I asked Pam what would be a good subject to write about.  She said she wasn’t my inspiration for blog-writing.  She recommended (told me) to get my coffee and sit on the deck for a few minutes.  I thought that would be a good idea…maybe God could give me inspiration.

I have to  confess about missing the Texas Longhorn vs. Hawaii Warriors baseball games this past weekend.  SxSW is in  Austin and my regular hotel was booked.  Lyndsey offered to have us as her guests, but we opted out.  I don’t regret it because the baseball stadium can be really cold when the temperature is in the  40s and 50s.  It was also raining for Saturday’s double-header.  It was much warmer listening on the computer at home.  We miss very few week-end home stands.  If the Longhorns are at home, we are there.

Back to the deck and  inspiration.  It is a beautiful afternoon and I believe that is really the sun shining.  It has been pretty cloudy, foggy, and overcast for quite some time.  While enjoying my coffee, I looked over by the  sunroom and this is what I saw:

photo (15)

No for a closer look:

photo (16)

So, what is so inspirational about this.  It’s a little interesting to me.  The clock has been wrong since the time change last fall.  I have been meaning to take it down and set it to the correct time.  I am a man of patience and I guess I thought if I were patient, the clock would show the correct time in the spring.  And it does!  No, that’s not what I thought.  I just kept putting it off.

One thing I didn’t forget this year was a schedule of picking up  the millions of leaves and pine straw that cover our property every fall and winter.  This year, I kept up with the  job and  the yard has looked pretty good all winter.  Pam even gave me a new Stihl leaf blower for my birthday in  January.  My old one had either gone on strike or just quit on me.  This new blower is a jim-dandy and a few weeks ago, when the leaves dried out a little, I had a “blowing” good time.

Now that my clock is back to the  correct time without requiring me to take it down  from the wall and make the proper adjustment, maybe I won’t have a blog-writing block.

It will soon be time for yard mowing again.  My fruit trees are beginning to have buds and the grass will be turning green soon.  This is the first year that my lawn has been brown due to the lengthy cold weather we have experienced.

It’s baseball season and I have to schedule my yard work to not interfere with the games.  So, it’s time for a change in my schedule to accomplish.  It was and has been time for a change for my patio clock since CDT changed and became CST.

  If you want to be a huge help, make a comment and give me a subject that would be of  interest.


It is just as well we all get accustomed to changes.  When we strive to walk the  path God has planned for us, it will always be a time  for change.  We plan our lives and are happy and  satisfied with those plans.  At the time, we believe we got everything solved and never think “it’s time  for a  change.”  With changing times and a changing world, we must always be ready for change in order to stay on the right path.  We must continually listen for God to point out the changes necessary to bring glory to Him.  When we are not willing to make changes, our relationship with God suffers.  God created us with a void that only He can fill.  True peace and  happiness is when that void is filled by Him.

So, let’s be willing to make changes.

Have a great day!


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