Pam and I were members of a deer hunting club for years.  It was a great club with families rather than one for men only.  As with any organization, there were a few simple rules.  During the first two weeks of the hunting season, each hunter needed to be on their deer stand before sunrise and in the afternoon before 4 PM.  The reason for this was so there would be no traffic by or near the stands that may spook the dear.  “D” was a member of the club and many times he would drive by my stand after sunrise.

We had a camphouse where the members could gather after the morning hunt and cook breakfast and tell about the large buck that got away.  A number of times I “hinted” to “D” that when the birds were singing it was too late to be driving to his stand because the birds don’t begin to sing until the sun has risen.  But, he never took the hint.

Another rule was not to hunt another member’s deer stand without their permission.  One of the women on our lease, “S,” had a real nice stand with a propane heater for nice cozy hunting, or reading & napping.  One one occasion, “S” found a coat in  her stand.  She recognized the coat as belong to “D.”  So, the  next time we were all having breakfast, “S” informed “D” that he had left his coat in her stand.  Without blinking an eye, he said, “No, it was my coat.”  “S” said okay and dropped the matter.  The next time we were having our breakfast, “D” was sporting a new hunting coat.  Imagine that!


There would have been no problem if “D” has just said thanks and let “S” give him the  coat.  But, it was necessary for him to buy a new coat.  It was much like getting caught with your hand in  the  cookie and claiming your were not eating the cookies.


How often do  our actions harm someone and we justify it in some way?  Our conscience tells us we have wronged the person but we convince ourselves our actions were okay.  We can kid ourselves, but God knows our thoughts and intentions.  We may be able to fool ourselves, but we never fool God.  The result is much like the story above.  There is a time for payment.  Maybe not at the time of the offense, but there will be a time of payment.  We may have temporary relief, but our action will be on  our minds for years to come.  It is best to confess our wrongful action and receive forgiveness from the person wronged and our merciful God.  This will bring a bright new day.  God created us for relationships.  We are to have good relationships with others and, most important, have a close relationship with our Creator.  Our actions should always bring glory to our God.


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