Pam and I traveled to Minute Maid Park in Houston for the Baseball College Classic.  The Longhorns play in the tournament every other year and we always enjoy attending the games.  This year Texas was undefeated for the weekend and won the championship.  They played Rice on Friday night, University of Houston Saturday afternoon, and Sam Houston State on Sunday morning.  We saw some really good baseball.  After Sunday’s game, we left to eat at one of favorite downtown restaurants and decided to take a picture outside the stadium.

Giant Baseballs

Giant Baseballs at Minute Maid Park

Forget the baseballs.  Focus your attention on a beautiful Longhorn baseball fan.  I am behind the camera, so this is Pam.  This was a good decision on who will pose for the picture.

After looking at these giant baseballs, I thought that I could probably hit one this size.  Maybe!  But, then again, it would take a giant pitcher to throw a giant baseball.  Even with my imagination, I can’t picture what would happen if I faced a giant pitcher throwing a giant baseball.  I believe it best that I just remain a Longhorn fan and stay off the playing field.

It was a great weekend just being together and sharing our love for baseball.


During our lifetime, we will face many giants.  David faced the giant Goliath with only a slingshot.  This would probably compare to me facing a giant baseball being thrown by a giant pitcher.  How was David able to face and defeat Goliath?  He was not alone and knew it.  He knew that his Lord was with him and he approached and defeated Goliath boldly.  He knew that he was only God’s instrument in carrying out His purpose.

As we face our own giants, we must not cower and retreat.  By faith, we must boldly face those giants and depend on a God who promised He  would never leave or desert us.  Fear of these giants is really the enemy and it is only God who can replace this fear with boldness and faith when we are obedient to His commands.

Have a great day and be blessed!


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