During the month of September 2012 I got an e-mail from Lyndsey.  It was not the first with this title:  “Can you build this?”  I knew my answer would be “yes” before I even looked at the picture.  She has done this before and always, without thinking, I say “yes.”  And, as usual, it was necessary to take the picture and draw plans to match the measurement she wants.  Most of her requests are for a piece of furniture that will fit in its own special  place.  The last large project she requested was a sleigh bed (LYNDSEY’S SLEIGH BED – 2/8/2012 POST).  After she finds a picture of what she wants, her job is complete.  Mine is just beginning.  The new project was a bedside table to match her sleigh bed.  She wanted it 3″ taller than the one in the  picture because of the thick mattress on her bed.  After I finished drawing the plans, she replaced her mattress (not as thick) and that changed the measurements back to the original measurements of the picture.  I had already cut the lumber for the sides which had raised panels.  Luckily, I had not started putting the pieces together.  All I needed to  do was trim some of the  pieces by 3 inches.

The side table was her Christmas surprise.  The reason it was not so surprising was because after 15 months she figured the table was about ready.  We loaded the table in the Escalade and went to Austin to have Christmas with Lyndsey.  I  covered it with a sheet and left it in the vehicle until it was time for presents to be opened.  We had gone out to dinner in my vehicle, but she couldn’t see the hidden table.  (I believe she  could probably smell the hand-rubbed finish, but didn’t mention it.)

So here is the Surprise that was not so Surprising:

Side Table #1

Photo taken in my shop (the lumber is not on the top, it’s on  a shelf behind the table)

Side Table #2

Side Table in  Place


We receive blessings from God that should not be so surprising.  Pam and I enjoy blessing Lyndsey in our own  small way, so I can only imagine the enjoyment God gets as He blesses each of us.  He created us for a relationship with Him and He wants to shower His blessings on us.  Our part of receiving His blessings is being obedient to His commands.  Many times our children don’t allow us to bless them.  It is the same with Gold.  We often don’t allow Him  to bless us  through our  own actions.  By being obedient to God, we are able to realize He wants a part of everything we experience…the good and the bad…the large and the small…the joy and the sadness.   All things.

Have a great day and be blessed!



  1. Lyndsey Says:

    This was not a small blessing! This was an amazing blessing that i will have forever.

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