There are all kinds of “close calls” and I imagine everyone has experienced some of their own.  Pam and I were on our way to the College Classic Baseball Tournament at Minute Maid Park in Houston last Friday.  We had everything all planned out:  Tickets for the games and parking were purchased on-line, we began our journey in time to get a Greek salad with grilled shrimp at Pappas Seafood Restaurant in Humble, and arrive in plenty of time for the Texas Longhorns to play the Rice Owls.

After a short visit and cup of  coffee with a friend in Cleveland, we journeyed on to Humble for a great salad.  After enjoying our meal, we started to leave and my Escalade notified me to check my tires for  air pressure.  It was about 5:45 PM, we are about 30 minutes from Minute Maid Park, and I discovered a  nail in my left rear tire.  The Longhorns were scheduled to play a 7:00PM.  You can  imagine the feeling of being in Houston at this time of day and wondering where we can find a place to get service for an oncoming flat tire.  As we began our search, Pam saw a sign reading Big Tex Tires about a hundred yards away.

We drove to the tire store and they told us they would take care of the tire in a few minutes.  After a few minutes we were BLESSED with a FREE tire repair!!! THAT WAS A CLOSE CALL.  So, now it’s time to fight the  Houston traffic and get to the baseball stadium.  All went well and after we circled by Minute Maid Park a few times looking for our parking lot.  We finally stopped and asked someone where the parking lot was…it was on the other side of the  stadium.  As we presented our tickets, we were told the Longhorns were the home team and would be using the first base dugout.  How did he know we were Longhorn fans?  Duh!  We were dressed in Burnt Orange like all good Longhorn fans.

During the three days of baseball, there were a few “close calls.”  I think most fans see close calls the way they want them fo be.  But, the funny part about instant replays on the stadium video, it’s a lot harder to argue (or support) the umpire’s call.  The umpires don’t have the benefit of replays.  They have to make their call immediately…it’s  part of  the game.  The umpire behind home plate calls the balls and  strikes thrown by the  pitcher.  Some fans  really get upset when they think they can see better from the sideline stands than the  umpire can behind the plate.  I will  admit they may have a better view on high  or low pitches…but, from side to  side!!!  We did see a few “close callson the bases that were proved wrong by the instant replay video.  But, that is  part of the game.

We had a more serious “close call” you might want to read on my posting of September 23, 2013.  It is entitled



There are some “close calls” we don’t want to miss.  Many times we are close to that very important call or invitation to have a personal relationship  with God.  The result of our decision is either “safe” or “out.”   We either accept His invitation or reject it.  We never know when it will be too late for an instant replay or appeal.  God continues to offer His peace and salvation and the decision is ours.


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