As we go through life we hear about miracles.  We hear a story about an automobile wreck where the vehicle was totally destroyed and the occupants escaped with their lives.  Or  maybe they were not seriously injured.  The teller of the story will probably say if was a miracle from God because it was impossible to live through the event.  I have heard these stories many times and have also seen wrecks that seemed impossible to escape from  death or serious injury.

I have seen a miracle.  I have witnessed God’s Healing Hand as He healed Pam from Lupus over a period of years.  You may read her story in the archives of this blog (THE STORY OF A MIRACLE – PARTS 1 THRU 11).  This was a miracle that I saw, but it was a real life experience for Pam.

On July 21 of this year, Pam and I experienced a miracle together.  We had been to Austin to celebrate Pam’s birthday.  She  likes to celebrate her birthday from June 20 until August 20.  This was the day after her birthday which is, in  truth, July 20.  We left Austin about 4:00 PM and headed back to Jasper in a pretty heavy thunderstorm.  It was raining hard and the traffic was very heavy.  The following is my “crude” drawing of the miracle we experienced:


This is not very clear, but it was the best I could do.  When I tell what happened, you will be able to understand the drawing.

We were in Pam’s CTS because Lyndsey had taken it to Austin to see how she liked smaller cars.  We had driven her Tahoe to Austin and I am real comfortable driving a truck.  The only time I had driven Pam’s car was to move it from the driveway when I was mowing the lawn.  When it is raining, I am never very comfortable driving a strange vehicle.  We were a few miles east of Elgin.  It was raining hard and the traffic had been pretty heavy.  I was driving the speed limit (65) and was on the outside lane.  The best I can remember the traffic had thinned out a little and there were only 4 or 5 cars meeting us,  2 or 3 ahead of us, and 3 or 4 following us.

Suddenly, and I mean real suddenly, the left rear of our vehicle tried to pass me.  There must have been standing water on the right side of my lane.  I had gone through training on how to drive through a skid while I was in the Army.  This was many years ago, but  I guess my reflexes took over.  I was pretty busy but I will never forget hearing Pam praying….very loud…over and over!!!  I guess we were both doing our part.  As we made the first 360, I remember seeing the vehicles that had been following me.  As  I came around, I remember see the vehicles we were meeting.

It was at this point I was sure we were not going to survive the crash we were going to be involved in.  We made 3 complete 360 loops, each time seeing cars through the windshield, anticipating being in a multiple car accident.  Pam never ceased her loud prayers!  After 3 complete loops, the last thing we saw in front of us was a deep ditch.  I also saw a concrete apron for a county road.  We had somehow looped our way across the highway, through on-coming traffic.  The we made 1/2 of a loop and heard a slight bump….we had stopped.  I braced myself because I thought…now  we are going  to be hit.  But, it never happened.  We had missed crashing into the ditch and had backed onto the concrete apron.  The engine had died during our skidding.  My first thought was to get the engine started and see if the car would still run.  Pam suggested we just sit for a minute and get ourselves calmed down.  That  sounded like a very good idea.

Two young men in a pickup truck stopped on the  shoulder.  The driver got out of his vehicle and started to our car to check on  us.  I lowered my window and gave  him the OK sign with my thumb and index finger.  He just nodded and grinned, returned to his truck, and continued on toward Austin.

We started the engine, and continued homeward…..very quietly.  I have been through some  close calls before and usually really get the “shakes.”  I had no “shakes” this time…I did the next morning.  About fifteen hours later I really got the “shakes.”

I don’t know how we made it through the traffic to cross three lanes of traffic without being hit.  Pam’s car made it  through  all of this with no dents…not even any mud.  I don’t know how, but I know why we made it through this ordeal.  The why is because God cleared a path through the three lanes of traffic just like opened a lane through the Red Sea for  Israel to cross.  God heard Pam’s prayers.  He always hears  our prayers.  This was a miracle!!!

There are times when we don’t think God  hears our  prayers.  This is not true.  He hears all of our  prayers.  The answers to our  prayers come on God’s timing, not ours.  There are times when our needs are taken care of later…and that is the right time with God.  There are other times when our needs are immediate and God answers suddenly.  This was a time when we needed an immediate answer to prayer.  God  is faithful.



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