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August 13, 2013

Wasp Condo


This is a first for me.  I did not know that wasps could build a condo.  The nests actually hang from the  bottom.  I few weeks ago I needed a cinder block to place under a tree that had fallen down during a windy rain storm.  I had three cinder blocks stacked under the shed of my workshop.  The bottom two blocks were placed with the holes vertical and the top block was placed with the holes horizontal.  When I picked up the top block, this “wasp condo” was attached to the bottom of the block and the nests hung through the holes in the middle block.  There are three large nests and two small ones on top.  Actually, the three large nests were handing from the top  block, so the small nests were on the bottom.  I’ve never seen this before.  I assume each nest was built during a different season, so maybe it took five years to build this “wasp condo.”

It is not necessary that I figure out how the wasps were able to get in the block, how many seasons it took for construction, or why they would want to build on old nests.  I just thought it was a very interesting sight.


In my mind, I see a picture of  the construction in progress for each of these wasp nests.  There had to be many trips to the construction site, following whatever route must be taken to get inside the block.  My picture includes five different seasons and the engineering it takes to build an upside-down tower that will support each nest.  So I can figure out just how this construction was accomplished.  It is not very confusing.

One thing I can never figure out…how God works His plan to  accomplish His will in our lives.  I am sure we are like the wasps sometimes as they wondered how will we ever get our nests built with the difficulties they faced to get to their construction  site.  We spend a lot of wasted time trying to figure out what God is doing about our own circumstances.  Does He know the extent of our problems?  Is He working on our behalf?  Does He hear us when we pray?  He is always present in  our time of need because He has promised He would never leave us.  He is ever watchful over us.

I don’t need to know how the wasps accomplished their condo, just as we do not need to know the details of what God’s plan is for us.  He is using Plan A, and often we try to change it to Plan B.  When we arrive at a “crisis of belief,” it is time  for faith and action.  We must have faith in an All-knowing God.  He is sovereign over all things and He is  in control.  The “action” part is for each of us.  We must put our total faith in an Awesome God and follow where He leads.  Each day, if we pray for wisdom, we will better understand the ways of God.