If you have ever read my blog, you will probably remember that Pam and I love the little adventures we take.  With us, it doesn’t take much for us  to consider it an adventure.  We seldom turn down an adventure…large or small.  In truth, every day is an adventure in some way.

I get a monthly magazine from the electric co-op and there is a section listing many of the festivals and events around the State of  Texas.  While I was looking  over these events, Pam told me there was a “Blueberry Festival” in Nacogdoches on June 8th.  We searched it out on the internet and it looked pretty interesting.  There was going to be a Blueberry Pancake Breakfast from 8:00 until 11:00, with the Kiwanis Club doing the cooking.  Now that is an adventure!!!


Line to get fresh Blueberry pancakes

There were probably 100 people ahead of us  in the line to the pancake griddles.  They had two large grills and you could tell this was not their first rodeo.  One man was deposited batter on the griddle, followed by a woman dropping blueberries on top of the batter, and then a man flipping the  pancakes.  One block of the street was blocked off as a huge dining room (street).


Blueberry Pancake Breakfast


Pam eating pancakes


Breakfast on the street

After eating a generous serving of blueberry pancakes, we walked to Main Street and visited some of the booths on the way to purchase some blueberries to take home.  We ran into friends, and after a short visit, continued to the location where the berries were being sold.  THEY WERE SOLD OUT!!!  So, we went to the  place where you could take a shuttle and pick your own berries.  They informed us the blueberries were not ripe yet.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

We wondered where all the blueberries came from for the pancake breakfast and the truckload that was sold by the  flat.  I am not complaining if  they had all the berries shipped in.  After eating my fill of  pancakes, I was content.  The blueberries were delicious and if they were from another area, that just fine  with me.

We walked the streets, visited a few antique stores, listened to some  of the entertainment, and  finally arrived at the Blueberry Hill Soda & Sweet Shoppe.  I had read they would be serving Blueberry Cobbler with ice cream.  Well, guess what?  They were out of  cobbler!  But, I am flexible.  I ate ice cream with Blueberry Glaze, topped with fresh berries.  I am content again!

After spending a little more time at the festival, we headed home.  We had planned on stopping at the Farmers Market in Lufkin and see if they had any watermelons.  As we neared Lufkin, I remembered Bryan’s BBQ that was featured on “Restaurant Impossible” a few weeks ago.  So, we thought it would be a real treat to buy some ribs to take home for Sunday lunch.  We did…and it was a real tasty treat on Sunday.

Then we stopped by the Farmers Market where all the sections advertised “home-grown” vegetables.  The watermelons were from either the Rio Grande valley or somewhere in West Texas.  The “valley-grown” tomatoes were nice and  large…the “home grown” tomatoes were small.  We did buy one “valley” melon and it turned out pretty good.  It was, however, not like an East Texas watermelon.  But, I am really not complaining.  When I was growing up on the farm, we raised watermelons and I know it is still early for watermelons.



Speaking of having an adventure.  We were blessed with Blueberry Pancakes, Blue Bell Ice Cream with Blueberry glaze & fresh Blueberries, a rack of BBQ ribs, and a watermelon grown away from home…all of that in one adventurous day.  But, over the years, I have found a real-life adventure that can’t be surpassed.  When troubles coming at you from all sides, things don’t work out just as you planned them, and you have no idea what is coming your way next, a real-life adventure is forgetting your “Plan B” and relying on God’s “Plan A” and watch how He works out all things for good for those who love Him.  NOW THAT IS A REAL ADVENTURE..JUST GRAB GOD’S HAND AND HOLD ON FOR A GLORIOUS RIDE.  THE RIDE OF YOU LIFE!!!


One Response to ““BLUEBERRY FESTIVAL””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    Very very good story and lesson. Thank you!!!!!

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