What a journey it has been these last weeks.  I have laughed, cried, and been extremely humbled once again.  As I began to talk about what God has done, just for me, I didn’t imagine how much healing would go on in my heart even during this 10-week time frame.

Even as I write, Jerry and I are again trying to remember to allow peace to rule our individual hearts and minds, and also, to rule our home.  We have always desired our home to be a place where anyone could come and feel peace because peace was the Spirit lingering therein.

In a world full of questions, pain, heartache, and dysfunction, we know we have all that we need because we have each other and we have the Light that desires to shine in even the darkest night, JESUS.

I thank you for all the precious comments and for the encouragement that continued to drive me back to the pen and pad.  What a joy to share a small glimpse into our home and a hope to all who need to know God still performs miracles.  If one person found hope because of desperation driving them to read this blog, then everything has been worth it!

God is faithful.  God is faithful, God is faithful.

Take a chance and ride the white water with Him.  What an adventure!!!

Now, as Oprah would say; “what I know for sure.”

God was not going to allow Jerry and Pam to raise Lyndsey without His guidance and presence in our home.

God intended the Burrows to be a family ‘til death us do part.

I would have never been who I am today without walking through the fire.

Many lives can be changed through great pain and heartache.

Some of my greatest worship was done in the darkest days of despair.

I am blessed with the greatest mother in the world.  God overwhelmed me!

God uses everything for His glory.

God keeps His word.




One Response to ““THE STORY OF A MIRACLE – PART 11””

  1. Sandi Hutson Says:

    Pam, you are a beautiful witness and a beautiful woman! To have you as a friend is just the biggest blessing ever. God will continue to bless you because He is your greatest joy!

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