I have decided to take an emotional break and share a few precious memories as I remember. Our beautiful child also walked this journey each and every day.  I have very precious memories of many days seen through the eyes of an innocent child that had no choice in what was going on in her little world.  There’s no choice for anyone in the family.  This is a fact!

My first trip to the hospital in 1988, she was 5 years old.  I shared her busting into my room never looking more beautiful in her red shirt and pink shorts.  She took one look at me and became very expressive and asked, “Why are you wearing those clothes.”  I had on my gown and robe and of course, those were home clothes!  I had gotten dressed in my own clothing thinking that might make her feel more comfortable.  She knew herself that certain clothes were worn only at home, so she immediately became suspicious and needed an answer.  She did become preoccupied very quickly as I allowed her in the bed and she found the buttons that made the bed move up and down.

I know now, as I talk to Lyndsey, there were many fearful days for her and she had to try to make sense of it all in her own little heart.  She had to deal with these confusions and fears.  No choice!  I did not even know how to deal with prednisone moods myself, but a child who has to decide if this day is a good day or a bad day is another thing entirely.

I have shared that many friends had to step up and help during this time and they never let us down!  On one trip when we were in Houston for a spinal tap, our water pump went out on the car.  This happened when Jerry went to the parking to get our car while I waited at the door of the hospital in a wheelchair.  He had to call our friends to let them know Lyndsey would have to spend the night because we wouldn’t be home until the next day since we had to have our car repaired.  What Lyndsey heard was that our car blew up.  I believe that little girl went to bed having a very difficult night.  I am sure she was happy to see mom and day the next day.

Lyndsey has always been a very independent child and I stated quite precocious.  She stepped up to the plate and certainly did what she could to help dad when mom was in the hospital.  Jerry has a shop behind our house where he does much woodwork and meditation.  He remembers Lyndsey coming out to let him know lunch was ready and when he came into the house, she had set the table (6 years old at the time) and he proceeded to eat…some kind of peach-flour-cobbler
sort of meal.  Of course, daddy ate every bite!

Not too long ago, I ran across a note I had tucked away that I believe clearly states what a little girl was dealing with.

Mom #1

When I was in the hospital before Thanksgiving, we got a day pass and took Lyndsey to ice skate at the Galleria and look at the beautiful decorations for Christmas.  This was when I really began to contemplate the future of the Burrows family and we all know how sentimental we can feel during the holidays.  My emotional state was very raw on that trip out of the hospital.  I remember crying A LOT!  I think for the most part, as a mom, I just tried to make sure Lyndsey saw me as normal as possible.  But this day, I just could not hold it all together.  Lyndsey remembers that day too, and talks about being very afraid, and sure that I was going to die.  WOW!  She never told me that until she was grown.  How does a child deal with such reality?

My heart overflows with love for a little girl who got mad at mom stating “dad just seems so tired because he has so many jobs to do,” and mom is just laying in the bed.

Mom #6

My heart overflows for a dad that took her to work with him, washed her face, made sure she bathed and got that school work, baked the cookies that were needed at school, helped her create special gifts for me while in the hospital, taught her to love unconditionally in a crazy family that was her very own…

Mom #5

I have felt very compelled to allow my readers to see a little further into the Burrows’ home during this crisis.  I have said many times when one in the family is ill, the whole family unit is broken and needs the attention, protection, and healing that God alone can give.  God is sufficient for all and He can faithfully work all things together for good.  He is faithful, He is faithful, He is faithful.

Mom #31

With wide-eyed, beautiful, blue-eyed wonder, my little girl prayed for her mom and loved me perfectly…

Let the little children come unto me…

 My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear of it and be glad.  Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together

Mom #9



2 Responses to ““THE STORY OF A MIRACLE – PART 8””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    There are no words…….precious!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sandi Hutson Says:

    She was a precious little girl and she has grown up to be a wonderful woman.

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