As we travel, Pam and I experience many great and unusual adventures.  We traveled to Austin last weekend for three days of Longhorn Baseball.  There is always excitement at the baseball field and we are just excited to be together enjoying one another.  We traveled through Bryan on the way and stopped at Madden’s.  This is a great restaurant and it is located within an antique store where Pam likes to browse for a few minutes after we have eaten our meal.  It doesn’t take me long to make a pass through the antique store, so I made a round and went to the car to read my book.  That works out for both of  us.

This  is not an adventure about “A Natural High” at the restaurant or antique store.  After the game on  Saturday, we enjoyed a Starbucks coffee on the patio in  the Arboretum area and then ate at Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant.  There is a yogurt place just down  the street and Pam decided she would like a dessert.  When we walked in the yogurt shop, this young man stood on a stool or something and with great joy, said, “Hey there, come on in!”  He acted like he knew us, but we had never seen him on  our prior visits.  Pam began looking over the yogurt selection and asked the young man if she could have a “tasting cup.”  He looked very serious and told her NO!  He said we don’t do that anymore.  She was shocked until he started laughing and handed her a cup.  This young man was so filled with joy it made us happy also.

I’ve never been a yogurt person, but I asked Pam to fixed me a cup of whatever she was having.  As we were weighing in, the young man told us he was 25 years old and had just been issued his first driver’s license.  He had never driven a car before but he said his grandmother had given him and car, so he had to take the driver’s test.  I was shocked to see someone his age who had never driven a car.  I guess he had either walked or peddled a bicycle until now.  I told him  it was nice for his grandmother to give him  a car.  He told us she was not really his grandmother…he didn’t have a grandmother.  She was just a good friend and he considered her his grandmother.  He got all excited again, and jumped up and pointed to the parking lot and told us the white Lexus was his.  This young man was really on “A Natural High.”


Pam and I have learned there are many exciting adventures along life’s path.  I wonder how many we have missed just because we haven’t taken the time to just look to the right or to the left.  Many times we get zeroed in on  the path straight ahead and don’t allow the adventures on each side to enter into our world.  As I think about this young man I can’t  help wonder if he was not on a “Natural High” at all.  He may have been on  the greatest high of all…“A Spiritual High.”  It is hard to imagine so much joy being natural.  True joy and peace come only from  God and we have experienced a “Spiritual High” at various times as we’ve traveled down life’s path.  That kind of high is above description, except you know when you are in  the presence of a loving God.


2 Responses to ““A NATURAL HIGH””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    Amen to that brother!!!

  2. MChristianPeters Says:

    Hi! Yogurt shop guy here. I’m glad I made you happy! It was lovely to see y’all again the other evening! Perhaps I WAS on a spiritual high. What I feel lately is an immense gratitude that I’ve even made it this far in life and that someone decided to concern themselves with my well being. I have been homeless about half my life, and more recently the past 3 months. I’ve never been on good terms with god but maybe this will let me open up. Thanks again for writing this sir. Safe travels.

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