I was wondering this morning why so many views for this post.  Were people in agony and/or misery, with a little heartbreak included?  Many of the comments were from men who trained in Fort Knox and experienced the three hills up close and personal.

As I thought about the time I trained with the US Army, I realized I didn’t understand exactly what the Army was trying to do to and for me.  They were trying to build confidence in me and prepare me  to defend my country if it became necessary.  At the time, I only thought they were either trying to kill me or make  me the most miserable young man in  the nation.

When my unit would load themselves down with equipment and begin the march out to the training area, it was a challenge just to carry the weight.  But, that was on level ground.  Then, as we arrived at one of the hills, we were challenged to bear the weight and  march down to the valley below.  Holding back on the downgrade was much more difficult that marching on level ground.  One of the areas of training was call “THE CONFIDENCE  COURSE.”   The first time I experienced this course my thoughts were, “Confidence?  You have to be kidding me.”  You are really trying to destroy all the confidence I ever had.  I wondered if  I could actually get through the course.  It had all kinds of obstacles and sapped the strength from  us.  But, each time we ran the course, I became confident that I could make it  through.  I was pretty hard-headed as a young man and determined to go through the physical challenge each time.  I realize now that the Army was indeed building not  only my confidence but the confidence each of  the  men in my unit needed to work as a team.

After building our confidence on this course, we had the pleasure of marching  back to the barracks.  This meant that we would be required to attack one the  hills.  This  time we would  be  marching up the hill rather than holding back to keep from rolling down to the valley.  These hills are a real challenge when rested, so after building our confidence (physically drained), we were required to march up one of these steep hills.  There were a few of the troops early in our training who couldn’t march up the steep grades.  But, being a team, we had the privilege of carrying them.  I guess this comes under “leave no man behind.”  But, as we progressed in  our training, we were confident we could survive the hills, confidence course, and anything the Army would require of  us.

The Army provided the valleys and the mountain tops to build our confidence both physically and mentally.  They knew we could never be the best if we only had the valleys or the level ground to challenge.  They knew we needed to sometimes be in  the valley and be challenged to rise to the mountain  top.  Little did I realize at the time, they were also building my Spiritual  confidence.


As we go through the good times and  the bad times we experience in our homes, our work places, and other activities of life, we will sometimes be on level ground or  deep in the valley.  There is only one way to reach the mountain top and soar like an eagle.  The valley is  where we build our confidence (faith) in God.  This does not mean we will remain on the  mountain  top.  We need the valley to learn again  about  the love and strength of  our God who promised He would never leave us.  It is only by faith in the power of God that we can again leave the valley and experience the mountain  top.  Each time we make this round trip, our relationship  with God becomes closer as we feel His presence through all of our ups and down.



One Response to ““CONFIDENCE””

  1. psjustforyou Says:

    One of the most insightful messages I have ever read… Thank you

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