As I read over this part of Pam’s miracle story, I realized men and women really do see and experience events from a very different point of view.  From my side of this story it was impossible for me to know and feel the pain and suffering she was experiencing.  I was not walking in her shoes.  She explains so well what she was going through at the time and, after reading this, I understand more and more the difficulties she experienced.  Men and women to not see things in  the same way and God’s sees things entirely different from us.  We often only see things from the outside and God sees from the outside and the inside.


One of the blessings or curses of living in a small town is that news does travel fast!  I have stated earlier, I know people were beginning to be very concerned about my health.  My look had changed considerably and within 5 months of illness, I had been hospitalized twice for 12 days at a time.  That is a lot of depending on others and a lot of time away from home for a wife and mother.  I really think I had checked out on those two job descriptions (wife & mother) because I was focused so much on getting well.  That took tremendous energy!   I also know now how sad it makes me to think of the things I missed out on with my precious daughter, but have to believe that everything all of us went through made us the family we are today.  That road I just cannot travel!

Jerry and Lyndsey have a relationship few fathers and daughters have and I know without a doubt, their bond is very special to both of them.  When “dad” is the support of the family, then becomes the counselor, the hairdresser, the laundry man, the car pool, the cook, the entertainment to a 5-year-old girl, it is inevitable a bond will be formed.

Jerry was an executive officer at a financial institution, so he did have some freedom to come and go as needed.  The whole bank family was very important to us at this time and Lyndsey had her own “office” also.  She spent many hours there when I was in the hospital and during those worst days when I was just home in the bed.  Many of the women helped by loving her and listening to her.  She also had a very special “nanny” in her life who could be called on at a moment’s notice.  Thinking back on the gestures of kindness always gives my heart an overwhelming sense of love and appreciation!

I can remember how excited I would be for Lyndsey and Jerry to come to Houston to see me in the hospital.  One time I remember Lyndsey bursting into my room with PINK SHORTS

Pint Shorts


On, along with her favorite RED T-SHIRT

 Red T-Shist


And I knew Jerry had allowed her to dress herself!  She looked beautiful to me.  One time we got a day pass and took Lyndsey to ice skate at the Galleria.  I don’t remember if she skated, I just remember crying.  I remember wanting to be home and I remember feeling overwhelmed with the love my husband was showering on us both!  He was there, he was committed and he was doing everything he knew to do in order to keep our family together.

As I ended my last post, I commented I wondered if I would be home for Thanksgiving.  On Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I came home to a beautiful meal prepared by my husband along with a few side dishes from friends.  When friends would call to see what they could do, Jerry would let them know all he had planned.  He wanted to make sure if I got to come home we would have the meal I would have prepared, or if I was not coming home he and Lyndsey would be bringing that meal to Houston!

I was beginning to be affected by my husband’s constant love.  I will interject at this time, the love and appreciation I have always had for my own daddy.  As I stated earlier, my daddy was left at age 27 with 3 babies when my mother suddenly died and he, too, had to learn how to just do what had to be done.  I have often wondered where the strength comes from when your own pain is so real and so overwhelming.  I have adored him my whole life as I understand his pain was set aside as he tended his babies and just did what had to be done.

Again, I assure you, illness affects everyone in the family.  I believe God was changing my feeling for my husband and He was showing me day by day how much I could depend on Jerry to be there.  No matter how difficult each day was, Jerry was there to provide the love and strength Lyndsey and I both needed.  I do not ever remember him complaining and I never felt as though he would tell me he didn’t want this job.  He just loved me.  He was my strength, and he was assuring me every day that we were going to be fine.  He loved Lyndsey and allowed her to be a precocious 5-year-old with a very strong sense of responsibility to take care of her daddy.

God’s ways are not our ways……



3 Responses to ““THE STORY OF A MIRACLE – PART 5””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    How true… This story is a beautiful love story and a heart breaking memory. BUT GOD!!!!!

  2. anti snoring devices Says:

    Your site won’t show up appropriately on my i phone – you might wanna try and repair that

    • JBBurrows Says:

      Sorry about that. I nor my wife had had any problems with the site on our i-phones.
      I don’t know what the problem might be. I see that you have read “The Story of a Miracle – Part 5.”
      Have you gone to the archives for parts 1-4, and 6? I hope you will be blessed by reading
      this story as it unfolds.

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