Pam just gave me the fourth part of “The Story of a Miracle,” and as I read it and prepared to insert it into my blog, it brings back the memories of the horrors she endured during those times.  I had not remembered the details of the pain and suffering she experienced.  I commend and honor her for experiencing this ordeal once again to tell her story.  If you have comments or words of encouragement, please feel free to express them.


I don’t believe I will ever forget the pain I was in the day I left to go to Houston Diagnostic Clinic.  I had an appointment with another dermatologist.  I packed an overnight bag because I had a feeling I would be checking into the hospital.  I could hardly put my arms down because I could feel the blood rushing through the lesions and the pulsing was unbearable.  I was very ill and I knew it.  I also knew I was feeling very desperate.  When I got to the doctor’s office, I was immediately told I would be going into the hospital.  I think I truly felt relief.  I was in such pain and extreme fear as to what could possibly be going on.  Here I was going from tennis, golf, gardening, and tending to a 5 year old child to hardly able to walk.  I had literally been in the bed most of a month and feeling extremely helpless.  I never dreamed I was beginning a 7 year journey.

I was put on the infectious disease floor and certainly saw tremendous heartache.  When a person is in the hospital, the other sick people in the hospital become your family.  It is as if walls and barriers are just gone.  I became friends with 2 men that were suffering greatly from HIV and I met their mothers.  When I tell you illness affects the whole family, I always think of these precious men that both lost their fight with an evil illness.

My journey immediately was the challenge of  many specialists.  I had my dermatologist, I had an internist, I had a gastro-internist, blood disorder doctor, and I had an eye specialist.  I was put on 200 mg of prednisone and medication for infection.  Again, within 2 days, I looked as though nothing was wrong with me.  I honestly felt like I was going to pop out of my skin.  I spent 12 days with blood work being done daily and checked out of the hospital without a clue as to what was going on.  I was set up on a schedule of taking prednisone levels down more slowly and cautiously.  I was told at this time that “Sweet’s Syndrome” was a secondary syndrome to many cancer patients and that was what my doctors were looking for.

I can assure you my cocktail of medications and 7-8 doctors a day were no way to start the day nor was it the plan I had for my life!

I came home and proceeded cautiously and also began to see some mysterious changes going on with my body.  Prednisone, as I stated earlier, has its own agenda and while it can certainly control inflammation and make things appear well, it is also not something fun to deal with as far as side effects go.  I appeared normal as far as the lesions went, but many abnormal signs of steroid treatment were taking a toll.

WOW #4

Going back and forth to different doctors became our lifestyle and I have many people to thank again for all they did.  When you live 600 miles from family and you have a child, you learn quickly to accept the help offered and to be thankful for all the people you have been blessed to call dear.  I believe I was going to Houston at least every couple of weeks to see one or more specialists.  No real changes and so cautiously once again, the doctors concluded this mysterious illness was gone by the first of October.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was.

Our daughter had a special fall carnival planned at her school at the end of October.  I was so excited to be a part and had helped with the planning and was also to be there working a particular booth.  When I woke that morning and started getting ready, I looked in the mirror and to my horror, no doubt in my mind, the blisters were back.  Approximately 10 days had passed since my last day of medication and the roller coaster ride was on again!

What I remember next is wondering will I be out of the hospital for Thanksgiving…


One Response to ““THE STORY OF A MIRACLE – PART 4””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    This story is heartwrenching, but I look forward to the Miracle!!!!!

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