I am so excited…Pam has returned with her 3rd posting of her Miracle Story.  Welcome again to this post and both  Pam and I would like to encourage your comments as her story unfolds.  We hope you will be blessed as you follow this  story.


When I start recollecting and reflecting on this time of our lives, it is extremely emotionally draining and difficult to talk about.  I know Jerry has been impatient for me to get on with the miracle of our lives, but I also want to allow the reader to know it was truly a journey and a decided walk of faith.

As I eluded in my last post, I shared that my dad walked in the door declaring, “What is wrong with you?”  I can remember very clearly the fear I saw in his eyes.  At this time, I would like to share a small side note into my past to allow you more depth with how much illness can and does affect every member of the family going through it.

When I was 6 weeks old, my birth mother died at the age of 27.  She had given birth to 2 other children and I was her 3rd.  I had a brother 4 years old and a sister almost 2 years old when my mother died.  My dad was on his own, having lost the love of his life and being the father of 3 babies.  I wanted to allow this bit of information to sink into the reader for many reasons and hopefully as you read on, it will become clear why.

So when, I say I saw the look of fear in my dad’s eyes, as I stated earlier, I knew we were in trouble.

Needless to say, by Monday morning, I was back in the doctor’s office.  I had a dear, older doctor whom I loved.  When he walked into the room, I saw the same look on his face I had seen on my dad’s.  I think this was part of why I loved my doctor so much; he was a fatherly type.  He excused himself from the room and brought another doctor back with him.  He introduced us and explained he wanted another opinion.  I again saw a look of concern on his face as he looked at the lesions.  I was running high fever and was in extreme pain.  He told my doctor, “She needs to be somewhere else.”  I was told in a few moments I had an appointment the next day in another city with a dermatologist.

Off I went the next day to the new doctor and was told it looked like I had developed “Sweet’s Syndrome.”  This is a secondary condition, usually, occurring with other illnesses.  He did blood work and put me on steroid treatment for control.  He did not seem too alarmed.  It is amazing when a doctor seems not too concerned, you become less concerned also.

I went home and started what became a 7-year love, hate relationship with prednisone.  For those of you who have been on high dosages of this medicine, you totally understand my last statement.  For those of you blessed souls that have never been on more than a “dose-pak,” I want you to realize how truly blessed you are!  Prednisone has a mind and soul of its very own and we who become partakers rarely get a vote on the way our day is going to play out.  I am talking about dosages of anywhere from 200 mg, (no, this is not a typing error) to 60 mg a day at the lowest level.  I was started on 60 mg and I can assure you within 2 days, it looked as though I was completely well.  I was instructed to take 60 mg a day for 4 days, and then go to 40 mg for 4 days, then 20 mg and then to 10 and, most likely, we would be through with this bizarre episode.  I was so excited when I could see that every lesion was gone without even a trace of scarring after 2 days.

I also want to point out that I had never been on steroids before.  I had many strange feelings and my emotional state seemed to be all over the place.  This effect of medication was totally new to me.

Prednisone did not only affect me.  Unfortunately, it affected each member of my family.  One day happy and excited about life…the next day, “Why are you asking me how I am, and why are you looking at me???!!!”

I was so excited to see that I was totally well in a couple of days and was back in the planning mode of my divorce.  When my dosage of prednisone was down to 20 mg daily, I began to see blisters forming on my arms again and my eyes were beginning to feel extremely painful.  Within another day, I was back to square one.  I waited 2 more days, called my dermatologist and he told me to increase the medicine again.  Once again, within 2 days, I looked totally normal.  He decided that time to leave me on the higher dosage a bit longer.  I stayed on 60 mg for 1 week, then down to 40 mg for 1 week, and again, by the time we were back to 20 mg a day, I once again had lesions and I believe about this time was where I began to notice tremendous pain in my upper back and kept describing is as if my lungs were full of water.

My doctor had also made an appointment for me in Houston at the Diagnostic Clinic.  This was July 8, 2 days before my 32nd birthday and right at 1 month of this mysterious illness that is beginning to control my life.  I can assure you, from someone who likes to be in control of all things around her, this was not a good situation and many people in my small town were becoming alarmed as the news spread. “Have you seen Pam?”  …”Have you seen what those lesions look like?”…”What do you think is going on?”


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  1. Debbie Black Says:

    I am in love with this story as it unfolds…..

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