There is an old saying I’ve heard for a long time:  “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!”  This sounds like a solution…but is it?  What is it that we are hanging on to?  Is it the same rope that caused us to be in the difficulty we face?  Are we hanging on waiting for someone to provide us with a new rope?  These are just some questions to  ponder.  As I think about this, I can remember times when just hanging on didn’t solve the problem.

In 1988 Pam began a fight with a very serious illness.  As time passed, we probably wanted to just tie a knot and hang on.  This was not the solution, but I will not write further on this subject because Pam is telling this story by writing a series of posts on this blog titled “THE STORY OF A MIRACLE.”   As her story is told, you will hear of the alternate to just hanging on.

Years ago, I planted a plum tree that provided us with more fruit than we could possibly eat.  We gave plums to our friends and each year they would be waiting for the new crop.  This is not a picture of that plum tree, but it is similar.  The plums would be so plentiful sometimes, the limbs would break.  Suddenly, the plum tree died.  It didn’t have the opportunity to just hang on…it was gone.  I planted another plum tree a few years ago and it has really struggled to survive.  It would grow in the  spring and then the  hot summer  and/or drought would cause problems.  One year it appeared to die.  So I trimmed it down to about three or  four inches hoping to give it a chance for new life.  I did this for  quite a few years and suddenly last summer it began to look like it would make it.  After years of struggling, there are blooms this spring.  It has never bloomed all the years it struggled.  It is not very large, but it has new life.Plum Tree

You can’t see the blooms, but they are there.

When growing a plum tree, there is only Plan A.  There is no Plan B.  Plant A is planting, watering, and fertilizing the plant.  When there are problems, we can’t just hang on or use Plan B.  It takes action on our part…it’s time for TLC.  It looks like my plum tree will survive and be productive.  It’s been a long hard struggle, but I have stayed with Plan A.  It believe the good times (mountain tops) and the bad times (valleys) will make it a strong tree and produce an  abundance of fruit for our enjoyment.


When I look at life and the mountain tops and valleys, I realize we need those ups and downs to grow stronger.  God has always had a plan…it is Plan A.  No matter how much we would like to change to Plan B, we need to stay with His plan.  Plan A is not about reaching the end of our rope and just hanging on.  There is no  Plan B.  When we have reached a crisis of belief, as Henry Blackaby teaches in “Experiencing God,”  it takes two things…faith and action.  This is God’s Plan A and there is no option to change to Plan B.  It is not just tying a knot and hanging on.  Our part is joining God’s plan and take action.  When we have come down from a mountain top and face the problems in the valley, we are called to obedience to God.  Our action is to be dependent on Him and through faith grow in our relationship with Him.  This will bring us back to the mountain top and we are much stronger because we have depended on God to bring us out of the valley.  This will never fail to bring new life when we were at the end of our rope.  We don’t just receive a new rope from  God.  We are, through faith and action, able to leave the knot at the end and climb back to the top and soar like an eagle.  This is God’s Plan A and will always be the plan we must follow.


3 Responses to ““TIE A KNOT AND HANG ON?””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    Great word Brother. Thanks!!!!!

  2. pam burrows Says:

    oh, give me courage and strength to wait always and believe that plan a is always perfect!!!!

  3. Deanna Beaston Says:

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me.

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