Here is part 2 of Pam’s story of a miracle.  If you have not read part 1, please go to the archives of this blog.  As you follow this series of “THE STORY OF A MIRACLE,’  you will see the awesome power and love of our Lord.  Pam and I welcome any comments you may have.  We have been blessed by God and want to share this blessing.


As I stated earlier, I believe now with all that is within me, the Lord was already beginning to deal with my heart and I must confess I mostly pushed His nudging away.  I know there were times I stayed awake at night trying to make deals with God and tell Him He had no idea what I was dealing with in my life!  I am sure many people will understand this.  I also felt tremendous torment and now know this was spiritual warfare brought on by my own desire to justify actions in my life.  I also felt as if divorce was the next plan of action in my life.

 I took a trip to my parents’ home with our daughter to let them know my plans and spent time just relaxing and getting counsel from two fine Christian parents I was blessed to be raised by.

Lyndsey and I made the 600 mile trip back home and I started planning.

A few days later Jerry and I were invited to a birthday party for a dear friend of ours.  That morning when I woke up, I noticed what I thought to be a blemish on my cheek.  By evening this area had become much angrier and I was beginning to think I had been bitten by something.  I consulted a few friends at the party to see if they had any insight into spider bites.  The date of this party was June 21, 1988.  When I awoke the next morning I had spots all over my face and severe pain in my eyes.  My eyes were also extremely bloodshot.

I had a shopping trip planned with a friend and she insisted I go by the doctor first because she was convinced I had gotten poison ivy.  I did go see my doctor and he agreed I most likely was having an episode with poison ivy, oak, or something similar.  I had never had poison ivy but went along with the diagnosis and appropriate medication.  Off we went to treat ourselves with shopping and lunch out.  By that evening when I got home, I remember I could barely drag one foot in front of the other.  The spots were getting much larger and multiplying rapidly.  They were by this time about the size of a quarter and covering my face, fingers, wrists, arms, across my shoulders and my shins…absolutely nothing on the trunk of my body; yet there were blisters in  my eyes and ears and along my hairline.  I would describe the pain as similar to a burn.

I can remember the dates very well, but not always the day of the week.  For some reason,   almost every date is a significant time in my life.  I don’t believe the Lord intended me to ever forget this time or be silent about it.  The next day was a Saturday and my dad was coming home from a fishing trip with his brother in Canada and his plan was to come by and get our daughter and take her home with him for her summer visit.  Lyndsey was 5 at this time.

I answered the door when he arrived and he took one look at me and I could see the fear in his eyes.  He somewhat whispered as I invited him in, “Oh my, what is wrong with you?”  At this point, as I went back to bed and turned my home over to my dad and my husband, I knew we were in a crisis and I was beginning to feel concerned…..




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