Today I am in a countdown to a very special day.  Tomorrow is the beginning of conference play for the Longhorn Baseball team, but that has nothing to do with the countdown.  We are only doing what we do this time of year…traveling to Austin to watch three days of Longhorn Baseball.

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, but that just means we will have to wait three weeks for the next weekend when the Longhorns return for a weekend of baseball.  The countdown also has nothing to do with the “Wearing of the Green.”  When everyone is wearing green, it means that a very special day will follow.  It will be our 35th wedding anniversary.  That is why I am excited about my countdown.

There are many memories from the past 35 years.  The morning of our wedding I discovered my wedding shoes were mismatched in size.  Each shoe was identical except for one thing.  One was size 9 and the other  was size 10.  I guess someone else had the same problem because when I arrived at the shoe store they didn’t have another pair of the same style.  Oh well, I found another style and everything was alright.  The minister performing the ceremony got lost on the way to Cypress, Texas and was late.  When we arrived at our honeymoon destination in the Bahamas, our luggage was lost in “never-never” land.  My luggage arrived the next day and Pam’s arrived the morning we were leaving for the airport for our return.  When we arrived back in Houston, the hotel had lost our car keys.  They called a locksmith and solved the situation and also gave us a free night for  a return trip.

I now realize that things like that are just a part of living.  Like anyone else, we have had valleys and peaks.  The best part of having ups and  downs is that I only remember and cherish the peaks of joy that Pam has provided all these years.  She mentioned yesterday that when one of us is down, the other one is up.  We take turns loving one another through the good times and the bad times.

I can’t tell you about the very special day I have planned for her.  She might read this blog and spoil the surprise.  All I have told her is to pack another outfit for the trip to Austin.

Pam was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen, but there is no comparison to her beauty today.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she possesses the inside beauty that is a gift from God.  That is why she gets more beautiful each day.

From the Wisdom Book:

By all means marry;

if you get a good wife, you’ll become happy;

if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.


Let me assure you that I am no philosopher, so without question, I am blessed with a good wife.




  1. Debbie Black Says:

    I love it…..you are both blessed and she is indeed a beautiful wife!!!

  2. David Black Says:

    You are just a flat Blessed man that I admire and Love with a wonderful little family.
    Hook-em Horns! All Season

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