I was on my way to  town this morning and thought I was following ME!  This is not the car I was following, it’s one I found on the internet.  The one I saw was an old Chevrolet Monte Carlo with pink studs poking out the passenger side rear window.

I was on the way to where Pam works on Wednesday and here was this Monte Carlo loaded with lumber.  It brought back fond memories of our many adventures to buy lumber for a project I was working on at the time.  Pam is always ready for an  adventure.  Before the Lowes opened in our town, we would sometimes need to travel about an hour to find lumber.  We had lumber stores here but they didn’t allow me to select each piece.  So we would travel to the nearest Lowes to get the lumber I needed.

This was pre-Escalade time and I only had my Cadillac Sedan.  I could often load the lumber in the back seat or place it lengthwise from the dashboard to the back seat.  For longer lumber, it would be necessary to extend it outside the car on the passenger side.  Pam would often have to sit in the back seat and on cold days it would get cold and windy with the windows open.  But, that didn’t matter to us because we were on  another adventure.  A few times it began to rain on our homeward trip.  Those times it was not only cold and windy…it was a little wet also.

Pam was always willing to brave the elements in order for me to obtain lumber for a project for her or  Lyndsey.

This morning I experienced the humorous feelings that others must have felt when they either met or followed us in our lumber car.  So, I am thankful for this Monte Carlo w/studs and the laugh I had from the sight.  Maybe those who saw us were able to have a good laugh also.

We now have a Lowes about four miles from home and I can carry most of my lumber purchases inside the Escalade.  It’s kind of  sad that I am not able to give someone a good laugh now.


The circumstances and events we experience each day bring back memories that bring joy to our hearts, even when those events were a hardship at the time.  When God delivered Israel from bondage in Egypt, they experienced many hardships on the  way to the Promised Land.  Each time when there seemed to be no way…God provided the way.  Each miracle Israel experienced, they built a memorial (stones, etc.) at the site of  the miracle.  These were Spiritual Markers that would cause them to remember and tell their children about the particular miracle of God at that particular location or event.  This would cause them to remember with great joy t what God had done for them.  Just as I remember about loading lumber in my car and experience joy, I can also remember the Spiritual Markers in my past that bring joy of how God lead me through the difficulties of  life.  It also gives me confidence to go forward and know that God is always present with me in whatever happens today and in the  future.  This is a reason to have joy in my heart today!


2 Responses to ““I THOUGHT I WAS FOLLOWING ME!!!””

  1. pam burrows Says:

    wow!!! great memory and a great reminder of the God who sits upon the throne of our hearts!!!

  2. Amedar Says:


    I do believe all of the concepts you’ve offered to your post. They are very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too short for newbies. May just you please extend them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post….

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