I have fished many times on Rayburn Lake in all kinds of weather conditions.  Fishing during the daylight hours usually presents no problems even in stormy weather.  Regardless of the  conditions, most decisions are reached because of my experiences on  the lake.  For instance, when the leaves on the trees turn “bottom side up,” this means the barometric  pressure is  falling and I need to be on  the alert for possible stormy weather.  Leaving the boat ramp early in the morning (darkness) to arrive at a favorite fishing spot on the lake also requires that I call on  my experience.  I know Rayburn quite well and the distance and time it takes to get to one of those locations.  Many times the darkness is complicated by dense  fog.  This takes much more than experience…it takes a lot of luck, But there are ways that aid our  navigation skills.  When I want to cross the lake to a particular spot in darkness, I always watch my “wake” to make sure I keep a straight path to my target…if there is any light at all.  This works very well in dense fog…if you can see your “wake.”  There have been times when my path was a little bent and  I got to my destination and thought I was lost.  I had reached my target, but had arrived at a different angle than I intended….I wasn’t lost, my orientation  was playing  tricks on me.

Years ago, my uncle came to visit me for a fishing  trip.  We arrived at the lake just at daybreak, but the fog was so dense it was like a moonless night.  I wanted to take him to a spot where I had sunk some treetops.  The fog was so bad it was hard to see the front of the boat, but I knew the compass degrees of my path as well as the approximate time of each leg before changing  course.  I had to make three turns and then using the depth finder, I stopped over the treetops.  I had watched my uncle as we traveled through the  fog.  I think it was fear  I saw on his face…either that or  great concern.  After we stopped, he asked if  I knew where we were and I showed him  the treetops on the depth finder.  He just shook his head and  started fishing.


The Maxwell Leadership Bible:

THE LAW OF NAVIGATION (Proverbs 16:1-3)

Effective leaders practice the Law of  Navigation.  Proverbs 16 opens with these words:  The preparations of the heart belong to man, but the  answer  of the tongue is  from the Lord.  All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirits.  Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.”  (vv.1-3)

These verses teach us to:

   *  check the source of our wisdom

   *  check our motives

   *  check the outcome we are pursuing

Consider five key words to understanding how God helps leaders to navigate their way through life:

 1.  Process:  God’s plan usually unfolds over time.  What is He revealing progressively?

2.  Purpose:  God wants to accomplish His purposes.  Why were you created?

3.  Potential:  God will use your gifts and passion.  Does this goal fit who you are?

4.  Priorities:  God will ask you to adjust your time and energy.  What steps must you take?


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