Sam Rayburn Reservoir Sunrise

This is a picture of sunrise at Sam Rayburn Lake.  Over the years I have seen many beautiful mornings like this, as well as the beauty of the sunsets on Rayburn.  When I lived in Port Arthur, I began fishing Rayburn as it was being flooded.

I have many good memories of this lake.  Pam and I moved to Jasper in 1978 and fished the lake many times.  After Lyndsey became a part of  our family, we share the lake  with  her.  I remember the first time we took her to the lake.  She was just a baby in diapers and  we  were so excited for her to begin enjoying the lake.  We  thought she would love the water, but that’s not the way it was initially.  We anchored the boat off one of the beaches and placed her in  the water.  She cried and  was afraid of the  water.  It was probably the waves that frightened her.  So, we sat her down where the waves would barely touch her  feet.  That was okay!  Gradually we moved her deeper and deeper.  Suddenly, she  loved the water and has since that day.

A few days ago, Lyndsey was visiting with a co-worker about a trip she took over the Christmas Holidays.  She told Lyndsey she had traveled to a lake in East Texas….an area Lyndsey probably didn’t know.  When Lyndsey found  out it was Rayburn Lake, she told the co-worker she grew up 15 minutes from Rayburn.  This prompted me to  remember about  the  early morning fishing trips when  I took Lyndsey along.

The title of this blog could mean fishing at 4 in the morning or  4 in the afternoon, but it’s about taking a 4-year old fishing at 4 in the morning.  Lyndsey always wanted to go fishing with  me and sometimes I would take her.  I would always inform her that if she was going, I would wake her a 4 AM by calling  her ONE TIME.  I would go to her room and say “JAR THE FLOOR” if you are going  with me.  She always woke immediately.  I was never sure whether she liked to be with me, liked to fish, or enjoyed the small cake donuts with powdered sugar we bought on the way.  Whatever the reason, she was a real trooper and  we always enjoyed ourselves and I was blessed.

Those are good memories I will cherish always!!!


Lyndsey knew my voice because we spent time together.

As I look back on the road I have traveled in this life, I remember the valleys, the mountain tops, and the flat plains.  Another way of saying this is the hard times, the good times, and the days that just seemed insignificant.  It is easy to remember the Presence of  God in the hard times when He  lifted me up.  During the good times I probably figured it was due to my own  actions…but, I realize God was also present to give  me the  power to soar like an eagle.  During the insignificant (blah) times,  I know that  God was with  me and I just wasn’t looking for Him.

As the years have passed, I now realize God was by my side at all times.  I am  sure He  spoke to  me many times.  The problem was  I  didn’t recognize His voice…I had not spent enough time with Him to recognize His voice.  How many times have I missed His blessing when He said, “JAR THE FLOOR” if you are going with Me?

I don’t want to ever forget that God wants to share the valleys, the mountain tops, and the plains with me.  He wants a piece of every thing that we  experience in this  life.


2 Responses to ““FISHING AT 4””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    A tear in my eye…this is so true and I love the way you share the personal stories. I know that God wants to be in every part of our life. Thanks JB

  2. pam burrows Says:

    wow!!! you captured the whole memory and made it come alive to me again…what a beautiful recap of a wonderful, precious time in our lives…so thankful…
    and what a wonderful illustration of the love and faithfulness of our Precious Father…

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