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October 16, 2012

When I lived in College Station, I had quite a few lakes and stock tanks to fish in.  There was a lake south of town that was one of my favorites.  I always carried 2 tackle boxes and 5 rods and reels in my trunk, along with sneakers and cut-off jeans.  Many afternoons I would leave work in my suit & tie and head to one of my fishing spots.  The road (two ruts in the pasture) that took me to the dam was pretty muddy due to earlier rains.  As I concentrated on catching bass, a heavy thunderstorm sneaked up on me.  I decided it was time to get back to civilization before the road became to muddy for travel.  It was pretty difficult to manuever through all the mud and in the process my tail pipe was disconnected from the muffler.  When I escaped from the mud and was on the paved road, I decided it was time to take care of the tail pipe problem.  Not only was it very loud, but it was dragging on the pavement.  It was necessary to use my bumper jack to get the body high enough to pull the tail pipe over the axle.  Just as I successfully removed the tail pipe, the car shifted on the bumper jack and pinned me under the gas tank.  I never liked bumper jacks before and I really didn’t like them that night.

I am not one to panic and consider myself a problem solver.  So what do I do now?  I’m out in the country and it’s dark, raining, and   trapped under my car.  I was laying on my left side and managed to slide my should to the left and gradually lie on my stomach.  I was free!  Now I had to figure out if I was hurt.  I was in pain, but I managed to drive to the hospital in Bryan and walked into the ER.  I told the attending medical person that my car had fallen on me and was told to have a seat.  I thought it was an emergency room but I soon realized I was the one with the emergency.  I finally asked the nurse if she knew when a doctor could see me.  I thought it was obvious to everyone in the ER that I was in pain.  The nurse called a doctor and during her conversation, she asked me,. “ARE YOU IN PAIN?”  By now my patience had deserted me so I said, “NO, I JUST CAME BY FOR A VISIT AND SEE HOW ALL OF YOU WERE DOING.”  She told the doctor, “YES, HE’S IN PAIN.”

This was before Blue Collar Comedy and their routine about “HERE’S YOUR SIGN.”  But, as I recall this little adventure, I wish I had known to add “HERE’S YOUR SIGN” to my comment to the nurse.

After being examined, no broken bones were found.  I was at work bright and early the next morning….very sore and moving very slowly.


I know that God keeps a watchful eye on me at all times and He was obviously aware of my problems that night.  He was also aware of my pain and allowed me to get to the ER to be checked out.  God is aware of all our pains, whether they are physical or spiritual.  When we are in severe pain of any kind, the ER that God operates is always available.  He doesn’t have to ask about your pain.  He already knows all of our circumstances.  But, in order to receive God’s ER attention, we must go to Him and ask.  He is always available night and day.



October 15, 2012

Sometimes I have plans for left-overs, but often I just don’t want to throw them away.  Maybe it’s just my conservative nature.  I made a pot of vegetable soup the last week of September.  It is impossible to make “just a little” vegetable soup, so I always have plans for the left-overs…into the freezer for the winter months.


A couple of weeks ago I decided to make a pot of chili.  Pam was traveling back to Jasper after spending a few days with her parents in Panhandle.  She had attended her highschool reunion to visit with old friends.  I am not real good about using measuring spoons, etc., when cooking.  After browning the ground meat and onions, it was time to add flour and the remaining dry ingredients.  I usually add four or five tablespoons of chili powder (using my cupped palm as a measuring spoon).  Well, I added the chili powder, and then started to add the red pepper.  When I looked at the red pepper bottle, the label read “chili powder.”  I picked up the other chili powder bottle and it read “red pepper.”  Later, when I made my taste test, I discovered I had made chili that went far beyond the classification of “five alarm chili.”  I browned and added more meat .  When we sat down for supper, we still experienced “way beyond five alarm chili.”  The next afternoon I browned more meat (enough for another pot of chili) and Pam added about 1/2 of the first pot of chili.  Great success!  Now we had “five alarm chili” and decided to freeze the remainder of the first pot and use it like a starter for yeast rolls.  The left-over chili from the second batch was packaged for the freezer.  We now have enough chili to make it through the winter months…and more.

If you don’t already know, my favorite pastime is woodworking.  Or is it Longhorn baseball?  It is probably both.  I have left-over lumber from Lyndsey’s sleigh bed and entertainment center.  It’s not kept in the freezer, but allows me to have lots of clutter in my shop.

A few months ago, a friend brought two baseball bats to my office.  Her son plays in little league baseball, and she wanted to know if I had any ideas on how she could hang the bats on the wall in his room.  I told her I would figure something out to solve her problem.  I took a while, but I came up with the shelf below:

She was surprised at my solution.  The back of the shelf is shaped like a regulation home plate.  On top of the shelf I drilled holes to place his prized baseballs.  So, left-overs are good!

I believe I still have enough left-over lumber to build a bedside table for Lyndsey’s sleigh bed.  If not, I will only need a little more.


As I think of “left-overs,” I realize God usually blesses us with more than we really need. After thinking about this for little while this morning, I realized why.  God gives us the extra blessing for a reason.  These are “left-overs” to be used at a later time in our lives.  We are to use them to bless others!  They may be stored away, but they are to be used for others as God directs.  If we listen closely, God will direct these “left-over” blessings to the appropriate people, in the appropriate place, at the appropriate time.