I am somewhat of a pack rat.  I save things because I have the idea that I will need them later.  There are things I save that become entirely different from their original use.  Sometimes they are used again for the same purpose.  Other times they take on a different form and/or use.  But, to be honest, I have to take inventory of my hoarding and make a trip to the trash dump.  The great thing about reducing inventory is that I can start collecting again.

We replaced a park bench a few years ago.  It had been exposed to all kinds of weather for years and as a result the slats became rotten.  I just knew I could find a good use for the metal frame.  Well, a few weeks ago, Pam decided she would like to have a sitting area by my shop and thought the park bench could be repaired if we could find new slats.

One thing I save is all sizes and kinds of lumber.  I told her I probably had the material to make the replacement slats.  A friend of mine had given me some cedar lumber and I thought I could use that for my rehab project.

This came out better than I could even imagine.  One more coat of finish and reinstalling the metal braces and we will probably move it to the front flower garden area.  It looks much better than its replacement.  The cedar also matches the post for the new mail box we just purchased.  The old mail box looked about as bad as the old park bench.

As soon as I am finished with the bracing on the park bench, I will be able to start of one of the new projects I have waiting.  I am building a shelf for a friend.  It will have a place to display her son’s baseball bats and will be shaped like “home plate.”  In my mind, it really looks great.  Let’s hope it comes out  that way.

Pam has spent a lot of time and effort in our old hot tub room.  It has been converted to a sunroom and really looks great.  She starts her day (early before her walk) in this room.  It’s her “quiet time” room.  Well, she found a new (old) table for the lamp Lyndsey gave her.  She wants the table refinished, so that’s on my project list.

Lyndsey sent me a picture of a bedside table she wants, so that is also on my list.  I am in the plan drawing stage of this project.  It will be custom-made for the height of her sleigh bed and will include four drawers and a pullout panel.  It’s a  little more complicated than Pam’s refinishing job.  The sides and drawers will have raised panels, so my habit of measuring twice and cutting once is really important.


I usually try to find a lesson in all things.  I thought about this old park bench and the shape it was in from years and years of exposure to the weather.  It was really in need of some rehab.  It occurred to me that we all need to have some rehab because year after year we are exposed to the things of this world.  The park bench became rotten from weather and unless we have continued Spiritual rehab, we become rotten also.  I had waited too long for maintenance on the park bench, so it took major rehab to bring renewal.  If we continue to seek Spiritual  maintenance for ourselves, it will keep us from needing major Spiritual renewal.  It is also a lot less painful.


One Response to ““PARK BENCH REHAB””

  1. Debbie Black Says:

    Great lesson!!! and beautiful work!!!!!

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