A few years ago, Pam and a group of ladies formed a gourmet cooking group.  After pondering many names for the group, the one chosen was ‘THYME TOGETHER.”  Their goal was to gather monthly and share gourmet recipes.  I believe the first meeting was at our house.  The meetings rotate each month and each lady has the privilege of hosting the group.

I am not talking about a meal of hot dogs and chips, etc.  That is not even close.  Once each year the husbands get the opportunity to share one of their meals.  So, I am not guessing when I say the meals exceed 5-Star quality.  Any 5-Star restaurant would be proud to have these ladies in their kitchen.

Not only do they share some very fine food…they also do some fine visiting.  I usually lock myself up in the far end of the  house and give them free range.  I even try not to eavesdrop on their conversations.  I’m not sure if it was the first meeting or not, but it was one of the earlier meetings.  They were all sitting around the dining table when we lost the electricity due to stormy weather.  We have a propane storm light on the wall in the dining area.  I came from the back of the house to shed some light on their party.  I lit the propane light and all was well.  I was really amused because there was not panic.  I’m not sure they knew the lights were out. Their conversations continued in the dark until I lit the storm light.  I always kid the women because their was never a lull in their conversation.  They were able to talk just fine with or without lights.

Last night Pam was the hostess.  This means she was in charge of the meal planning and all the members share in cooking the meal.  The smell of the house is wonderful.  It’s very hard to eat warmed left-over pizza in the sun room while I smell the aroma of their meal.  Of course, they always provide enough dessert for me to share with them.

Pam has spent many years making our house a home.  Because of her we have a “homey” home.  Each time we have visitors, I can see they feel right at home within our walls.  For the “THYME TOGETHER” meetings, Pam’s decorating skills are something to behold.  Not only would a 5-Star restaurant welcome her to their kitchen, they would benefit from her decorating talent in the dining area.  I am unable to describe the beauty of the table and dining area…you will have to take my word for it.

Last night I spent a couple of hours working on Pam’s computer.  She was having problems connecting her wireless printer to the router.  I spent my evening on a chat sessions with the printer support person.  We finally got it fixed.  Many times during their meeting I spend the time in my shop.  At present I am in the middle of replacing the slats in a park bench.  If I had spent two hours in the shop instead of on the computer problem, I could have finished the park bench project.  I am not complaining.  I enjoy doing both.  The good part is I still have a project to work on.  In truth, I still have three projects to complete.


God desires that we spend TIME TOGETHER with Him, and that should also be our desire.  When times are bad, He is always there.  When times are good, He is always there.  That is what spending TIME TOGETHER with God is all about.  He really wants to be a part of every small part of our daily lives.


One Response to ““THYME TOGETHER””

  1. psjustforyou Says:

    you are always an honored guest and you are right…we hardly even notice you walking through the room…but it is always nice to know you are there

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